Handy Discusses the Best Gifts for A Baby Shower


So, you have got an invitation to a baby shower and you are wondering what to gift the parents. Make it a perfect ‘Aww’ moment by gifting them something unique and great but also something very different. In this article, Handy has come up with various gift ideas for a baby shower which would look cool and is bound to receive ‘oohs’ and ‘aahs’ from all the guests at the party

The Gifts

  1. Non-Contact thermometer – Every parent remains in a constant worry about whether their child has a good temperature as the baby might feel warm quite often. Waking up the baby from deep sleep to take their temperature would be the last thing your friend might want to do. A non-contact thermometer gifted by you would come as a savior to them. It can measure temperature via forehead or ear without disturbing the child. Your friend is definitely going to thank you for this. 
  2. Portable Diaper Changer – One of the most needed essentials for your friend is the portable diaper changing station that comes with a handle for easy carrying and a rubberized feet. It has small compartments where your friend can keep diapers, wipes, lotions, changing mat, and much more. All organized in one place, it comes in all sorts of colors making diaper changing a pleasant experience. 
  3. Mom essentials – Where all gifts are meant for the future baby, gift something to the expectant mom as she is the one who needs love and compassion the most. She is to undergo a lot of hormonal changes and it is a good idea to make her better prepared for that. Gift her a box of Mom essentials such as Nipple cream, stretch mark cream, moisturizer, some basic makeup essentials, and a good under eye cream (she is going to need this most as sleepless night awaits her!)
  4. Phone holder – Nowadays, most of us live our lives on the phone. Buying the new mom, a cute phone holder that can be attached to the handle of the stroller is definitely a neat solution. It gets easier for her to Facetime as she takes a stroll with the baby. When you make her access to the digital world easier, she doesn’t feel left alone and is less likely to be hit by postpartum depression.
  5. The Pregnancy and Baby Journal – Even though it’s one of the most common gifts, it’s the most loved one. Get a unique and lovely pregnancy and baby journal. Your friend can log in her special pregnancy moments along with the development of the baby for the first year. These days you get an all-purpose journal that serves as a medical log, scrapbook, and guidebook besides serving the purpose of storing sweet memories.
  6. Nail trimmer for the baby – It’s every newbie parent’s nightmare to clip the nails of the newborn. There are instances when parents’ hands shiver as they shudder at the thought of cutting nails from the soft fingers of their angel. Present them with gentle baby nail clippers that ensure that there will be no cut on the baby. 


With such wonderful ideas, Handy feels that the expectant mother is definitely going to love the gift you give her on the baby shower of their child.

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