How Carbs Affect Weight Loss

By Bodybuilder Cookbook

A low fat diet is recommended for people who suffer from high cholesterol and it also can prevent heart and liver diseases. The purpose of this diet is to limit the fat quantity as well as the salt used in our meals. Let’s have a look at the low fat diet! There are two types of fat that we use in our diets: saturated and non-saturated. The first category includes polinonsaturated and monononsaturated fats. A low fat diet should include a minimum quantity of saturated fat as they tend to increase the cholesterol level. Saturated fats are present in animal products and vegetables. Red meat has the same type of fat as coconut oil or palm oil. We can find saturated fats in chips, chocolate bars, popcorn with butter and most of the products on the market. Read the label carefully before buying something.

On the other hand non saturated fats help the body lower the cholesterol level so it is recommended that you replace saturated fats with non-saturated especially if you have cholesterol problems. The non-saturated fats are found in rich quantities especially in food like: soy, corn, sesame oil, sunflower oil. Most of the non-saturated fats can be found in salad toppings but they can also contain saturated fats so be careful. Monononsaturated fats can be found in olive oil, nuts and peanuts.

What have we learned by now?

That a low cholesterol diet has to be low in saturated fats. Fish, chicken (without the skin) and cereals can be included in our diet; also you should eat a lot of fiber rich food like: oat, oranges, pears and carrots. Cut down the red meat, lactates and tropical oils which are rich in saturated fats; replace them with fruits, green vegetables, beans, nuts and olives. Choose high carb food and check your weight from time to time to make sure that you lose weight. If you don’t lose weight consult a doctor and make sure you don’t have hormonal problems. You should limit high cholesterol food like liver or other organs when you follow this diet. Also try to eat egg whites instead of the whole eggs, low fat milk instead of whole milk and food like sausages, salami or hotdogs. Excess fat increases the risk of some types of cancer like colon cancer or breast cancer. Follow the next pieces of advice to learn how to cook low fat food and eat healthy. Keep your soups or meat somewhere cold over night and this way the fat will come up and you will manage to remove it and throw it.

A low cholesterol diet allows you to use low fat products; if you love cheese you should buy low fat cheese because normal cheese is very rich in fats. Buy 0% fat margarine instead of butter but it’s best to avoid margarine because studies show that it increases the risk of cancer.

Low fat diet plan

Eat only low fat meat like fish or chicken. Beans are wonderful because they contain fibers and very little fat; also studies show that fibers can decrease the cholesterol level. Fibers can also be found in: oat, black beans, oranges and lemons. Avoid eating beef, pork, lamb, ham or fat fish. Eat more vegetables than you usually eat, avoid whipped cream and too much chocolate. Using seeds in our diet is benefic because they contain omega 3 acids. A low fat diet should contain soy proteins and lots of colored vegetables. Avoid pastry and white bread; drink fresh juice and don’t drink a lot of coffee. Avoid pastry and white bread; drink fresh juice and don’t drink a lot of coffee. To prepare healthy and delicious coffee you can check out the DeLonghi ECP3420 Review which is a budget-friendly and qualitative coffee maker from one of the most widespread coffee accessory producer of the world- DeLonghi. Drink more red wine because it has antioxidants and it helps cholesterol be chemically transformed.

Types of fats that help you lose weight

Enova has only 2 fat acids unlike the other oils which have 3 so your body will treat it differently. It is processed like coconut oil and it goes directly to the liver where it’s used for energy. When people who follow a low fat diet consume Enova they will lose 5% more weight than normally would. Enova has a neutral taste which makes it perfect for salads. You can use it when you cook but don’t use it for frying because it can change the taste and color of some aliments.

Peanut butter

Studies show that people who eat peanut butter weight less than people who don’t eat at all; because it is high in proteins and fats it will rapidly make you feel full and you will eat less. Remember that poor in fats doesn’t always mean poor in calories. Also cholesterol is not a bad thing, eating saturated fats is a bad thing. Your diet shouldn’t be so restrictive because when our body has no fat it will start slowing your metabolism and make you feel cold. Also a low fat diet which is too low in fat might make your skin look awful if you follow it on long term. I think that one healthy lifestyle is more than 10 fast promising diets and you should try to eat healthy instead of trying all the extreme diets out there. A diet that promises 20 pounds lost in a month isn’t very healthy and involves a lot of starving; starving can have terrible effects on long term.

Eating doesn’t mean that you have to eat until you snap and also you shouldn’t try and stuff your stomach with a lot of food before going to bed. It’s probably best that you make a meal plan which includes 6 meals and this way your metabolism rate will increase. i know its hard to follow but try not to make dinner your biggest meal. Don’t make your diet an obsession and don’t weight yourself 5 times a day because it will be useless. Make sure that your family and friends know that you are on a diet; this way you avoid those embarrassing moments when they ask you to eat and you have to refuse them 200 times. As long as you have a realistic goal nothing is impossible so keep that in mind. It’s useless to lose 20 pounds and lose 30 when you stopped your diet.

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