How To Keep Your Gift Card Safe? Know 4 Tips To Prevent Your Card From Frauds


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Many people are using gift cards and shopping cards for various purposes. These cards give great convenience and comfort to the shopper, as they need not handle real money. Apart from this, there are several other benefits of using a gift card and shopping card. People can get several offers and discounts by using these gift cards for shopping and other purposes. People who get a digital card can use it for online shopping as well as for offline shopping.

It is essential to maintain your card to prevent it from any fraudulent website or cybercrime. Maintaining your card is not so tough; the only requirement is to act wisely whenever your card’s information is required. The first thing that you have to remember is to never share the PIN of your card. You can go through activate my card; activation link whenever you need to activate your card.

How To Keep Your Cards Safe?


  • Never Disclose Your Card Number


If you are logging into any website or activating your gift card, you only need to provide the card proxy number. Remember, if anybody asks you for your card PIN or any OTP on your phone, then avoid those contacts. Except for the platforms where you are making a purchase, never enter your card number. If you make such a foolish mistake at any platform, then the harm to your confidential data is all your responsibility.


  • Check Detail Of The Card From Legal Platforms


If you are interested in checking the details of your card, then always go through the legal platforms. These legal platforms are only the platform where you have purchased your card. Any other side that might look like the legal platform should not be chosen for checking your card details. Personal information of your card includes card number, CVV number, and expiration date of your card. By using these details, any person can easily use your card and can withdraw money from it.


  • Avoid Posting Photos Of Your Card


Many people love to flaunt their cards, and thus they enjoy posting photos of their newly purchased cards. Whereas people sometimes even post photos that are partially exposed and do not contain any personal information. But there are many new technologies in the world. Therefore, it is good to keep your card away from the world’s eyes. It would increase the safety aspects of your card and will keep away any fraudulent sources.


  • Never Share Passwords At Open Networks


Open networks are the network where no password is required to enter the Wi-Fi network of the area. These kinds of networks could be the public networks that are available at railway stations and bus stands. These networks are not secure to share a password, and therefore, it is important to use your data for entering the passwords. Apart from this, also prevent opening your card number where anyone else can hear it. These are some of the security aspects that you should follow when you are using a shopping cart.

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