How to Match Wall Paint Colors with Floor Colors

Matching interior design colors allows you to create beautiful rooms appealing to the owners and visitors. Colors transform small and large rooms, making them bright and warm. Gone are the days when carpet dominated the floors.

The color of the floor in a room contributes to the choice of its wall color to balance the effect in the house. Coordinating the wall colors to match with the floor seems to be the biggest challenge. With the help of this information, it is easy to choose a wall shade that works well with your floor color.

Whether you are designing the interior of your new home or refreshing the existing interior, you may need first understand color combination to avoid future regrets. Different colors can go well with several colors if their combination is well-studied.

To match your floor colors with wall paint colors, consider the furniture, lighting, and space in your home. Also, the settings of your kitchen and other rooms in your area should be considered. This article provides you with fantastic ways to ensure your wall paint colors match floor colors.

Laminate Your Wall

Today, hardwood-painted floors are the trending home design and desirable to many homeowners. Your hardwoods may be painted white, cream, or black, depending on the available furniture, lighting, or taste and preference.

Hardwood creates a sleek appearance and doesn’t hold onto dust. Whatever the color of your hardwood, ensure you choose a wall color that will work well with your floor.

However, before you choose the laminate flooring, consider the furniture, décor, and lighting in your house to create a color scheme with quality effect.

Choose the right floor laminating product such as elesgo summer oak that doesn’t crack like conventional wood flooring. Besides, the product is highly resistant to mold and bacteria, and it is suitable in areas such as the kitchen.

Lightness versus Darkness

Irrespective of your home layout, balancing the colors is critical to having a comfortable space in your house. Light colors on your hardwood would do well with dark colors on your wall. Also, if your floor is painted dark colors, choose a bright color to brighten your home and make it appealing.

If you choose to have both walls and floor painted dark, consider having plenty of lighting to keep it appealing.

Floor Plan Layout

A closed or open floor plan determines the wall paint color in the house. If your home has an open floor, then consider light and neutral colors that work well with your furniture.

In case the rooms in your house are distantly separated, then you have the right and freedom to paint different color walls for each room. The colors must coordinate to tie the rooms together.

In other homes, the kitchen is built separately. Consider having the best flooring for the kitchen because it is the center of life in your home. The floor should blend well with the walls. When painting the wall, choose the right paint that can hold pressure in the kitchen. Wall paint in the kitchen should be of good quality and durable to save on costs.

Trending Color

Both your wall and floor paints should be current not to look old-fashioned. Renovate your kitchen and living space floor to the trending one to be classic. Modern walls and floors should be water-resistant and washable. However, ensure the paints are durable, scratch-resistant, and affordable to save time and cost.

3 Ways to Match Wall Paint Colors to Floor Colors

Finding a perfect match for your floor colors can be challenging and tedious at the same time. The selection of wall paint colors highly depends on the effect you want to create in your room.

With the right tools and knowledge about paint color, it is easy to find an exact match for your interior walls. To ensure the wall paint matches the floor color, here are a few steps to follow for a perfect design of your interior:

Clean the Wall

The first step is to clean the walls to have a clear view of the actual paint color before renovating. Over time, dust and other unclear substances collect on the wall making the wall appear darker than it is. To ensure you are dealing with the actual color, wipe away the dust and other unnecessary particles with a soapy sponge and allow it to dry. Cleaning the wall will help the new paint adhere better.

Scratch the drywall with a razor blade to collect a sample to carry to the paint stores. Bringing a sample of the paint you want to match to the store will help store owners to come up with a perfect match you are looking for.

Find a Match with an App

Download a paint-matching app on your smartphone. Scan the color of your floor to find a perfect match to paint your wall. If you are lucky enough to remember the brand of the floor painted you used, download their app, for they give the closest match of colors. Scan your floor paint in natural lightning to get an available match of your wall colors.

Purchase a color scanner to aid the app in getting a perfect color for your wall. Also, you can use in-store computerized color to help in determining the right color for your wall.


Color Sample

Take several samples of colors with you to your home. To ensure that the colors match, apply on a small portion of your wall the different colors to see the one that perfectly matches your floor. Apply at different times of the day to have the effect you have always desired. Have your wall well-painted with your favorite color to match your floor color and conducive space.

To conclude, it is everyone’s desire to have a beautiful and appealing kitchen, living room, and bedrooms. Choosing a wall color that well-coordinates with your floor, furniture, and lighting is the key element to having the home of your dreams. The best colors are the ones that make you feel comfortable at home. Thus, the colors should be attractive and appealing to look at.

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