Overdimensional cargo: Definition and its usage in the shipping industry

The shipping industry is a vast chain of transportation that connects two countries in trade relations. This string of transportation and its safety depends a lot upon the size of the cargo. There may be a demand for heavy goods like steel bars, machinery, etc. in the trading countries. In such cases, the concept of overdimensional cargo comes into action. For this, traders have to find their own carrier on eBay, like Shiply for example and pay less for shipping large items. The traders who do not generally deal in heavy goods may not know the purpose, concept and uses of it in the shipping industry. 

What Is Overdimensional Cargo? 

The term overdimensional cargo (ODC) is used in the case of inland transportation in India to refer to the cargo that exceeds the size of the deck of a vehicle. Suppose the loading platform or deck of the vehicle is 22 feet and that of the cargo is 26 feet then it will come under the category of ODC. An ODC trail is attached to the vehicle to carry that cargo. The length and height of this type of cargo are bigger than the standard size of a vehicle. In India, goods more than 40 feet long and 8 feet in width are termed as Overdimensional cargo. 

Major Aspects of ODC Transportation in India 

Transportation of overdimensional cargo in India is quite difficult and hectic for traders given the obligations that come with it. The deteriorated conditions of the Indian roads put a lot of burden on the traders from the concerned authorities as well. It is possible only for the experienced and skilled freight forwarders to transport the overdimensional cargo to the seaports. One does not only have to ensure the quality of trailers but also the driving skills of the operator. Therefore, the usage is best understood and known by skilled individuals in the industry. 

Considerations of The Traders 

The responsibility of the traders increases when it comes to ODC shipments. They have to follow the norms laid down by the government as well. With a few simple considerations, it will become easier to handle the cargo safely.

  • Hire Experienced Shipping Partners 

The first and foremost priority is to hire an experienced and renowned shipping partner who has enough networks to commence the shipment. Legal trouble is not something a trader would prefer. Therefore, it is best to transfer the responsibilities to safe hands. 

  • Ensure Global Clientele Base 

Traders should also ensure that their shipping partner has a satisfactory clientele base across the nation. Falling into a trap of false freight forwarders can induce more problems in the long run. Therefore, a strong base of satisfied customers speaks a lot of the services offered by the company. 

  • Avail Real-time Cargo Tracking Facility

Cargo and container tracking facilities are very common these days. Almost every shipping service provider offer a tracking facility to build the faith of their customers. Traders will be able to transport overdimensional cargo while tracking the whereabouts of the same. This transparency is also helpful in the future. 

  • Book Registered Vehicles 

Ask for the registration papers of the vehicle and the trailer in which the ODC will be transported. Most of the toll stations demand the original documents of the vehicle. If a driver is found to be guilty or accused of false papers, the trader will have to bear the consequences. Thus, it is better to avoid such possibilities rather than inviting them! 

Overdimensional cargo is found commonly in India despite the poor condition of the roads. Traders serve the demand for such goods with the help of reliable names in the industry. The new players in the business must also not take any risks when it comes to ODC! It is not good planning to save a small amount by compromising with the service quality. 

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