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Official Jerry Rice Conference Call: “I would look at Michael Irvin’s stats and keep up with him”

We just participated in a conference call with Jerry Rice.  He had something interesting things to say about Emmitt Smith, Michael Irvin, and playing against the Dallas Cowboys.

A few quotes from Jerry:

  • “I always thought Jim Brown was the greatest running back and football player ever.”
  • “When I hear people say, ‘Jerry, you are the greatest player to ever play the game,’ it scares me.  I never looked at it that way.”
  • “I’m honored to be going into the Hall with Emmitt Smith.”
  • (regarding possible 18-game season) “I was happy to play 16 games.  I felt good.  I was always healthy because I worked so hard in the offseason to get myself ready for the long-haul.”
  • “I used to watch Michael Irvin.  If he had a great game, I would look at his stats and keep up with him.  I think it is great for the NFL to have rivalries like that.”
  • “When the Dallas Cowboys and San Francisco 49ers met, it was like Boston and the Lakers.  I have a lot of respect for Emmitt and the Dallas Cowboys.”


Jerry Rice: “Jim Brown was the best running back of all-time.”

By Jonathan Bales

Fellow Dallas Cowboys Times correspondents Dave Kraft and Lorei Reinhard participated in a conference call with me today with the greatest wide receiver of all-time, Jerry Rice.  Rice is getting inducted into the Pro Football Hall of Fame this year alongside our very own Emmitt Smith.

Rice had some interesting things to say, including, “I wouldn’t consider myself the greatest wide receiver ever, but I would have to say Jim Brown is the best running back (and football player) of all-time.”  Of course many Cowboys fans would give that label to Emmitt Smith, but you can’t really knock the selection of Brown.

Rice did go on to mention the greatness of Smith and how much he enjoyed competing against Smith and the Cowboys.  When I asked Rice about his relationship with the Cowboys and other rivals, he said he would keep a close eye on what his competitors were up to.

“I used to look at Michael Irvin’s stats each week and try to keep up with him.”  True competitors fuel one another and make each other better, which certainly appeared to be the case for Rice and Irvin.

Rice also seemed indifferent to the possibility of an 18-game schedule.  He claimed “I always put in the necessary work in the offseason, so I always felt good by the end of the season.”

Of course, a longer season would mean a greater possibility of someone breaking his records, but Rice said if there’s one thing for which he wants to be known, it’s that “I didn’t play the game for the records. . .I played the game to win.”

I will post the entire conference call later today.  You can listen to our conference call with Emmitt Smith here.