April’s Hot Cowboys Babe: Leah Walczak

Check out Leah’s fitness website at www.LeahFit.com.

Name: Leah Walczak

Age: 21

Heritage/ethnicity: Polish, Scottish, Irish

Location: Los Angeles

Profession: Personal trainer & fitness model

Likes: Beach, animals, sushi, campfires, hiking, fishing, sports

Favorite physical feature on a guy: Smile

Top three qualities in a man: Driven, Confident, Charm

Best way for a guy to approach you: Strike up a normal conversation

Best place to meet guys: Anywhere but a club

Best Advice For Guys: Don’t try to be someone you’re not

Favorite TV Show: Pretty little liars, House, Jersey Shore

Favorite Movie: Gladiator

Favorite Book: Angels and Demons

Favorite Food: Chicken Parm

Favorite Music: Hip-hop/rap, country, rock

Best Physical Feature: Legs

Years as a Cowboys Fan: 10

Thoughts on TO: He’s an arrogant and self -centered wide receiver who only cares about his pay check and stat line on Sundays.

Thoughts on Tony Romo: Our franchise quarterback who will lead us to a Super Bowl ring!

Thoughts on Jason Garrett: He is the next Coach of the Tear.  Glad to see wade Phillips gone.  Coach Garrett will definitely lead the Cowboys to the playoffs this season and many more to come.

Favorite current Cowboy: Miles Austin

Favorite all-time Cowboy: Deion “Prime Time” Sanders

Most memorable moment as a Cowboys fan: 1995, Superbowl XXX win against the Steelers.  We won three out of four Super Bowls and became a dynasty.