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Miles Austin Celebrates Birthday With Kim Kardashian (Photos)

Multiple celebrity news outlets, including TMZ, obtained photographs of Cowboys wide receiver Miles Austin celebrating his birthday with Hollywood starlet Kim Kardashian.  The two had dinner at in New York last night at STK, then walked a few blocks to SL Lounge.

A source told us a few weeks ago that the two were only friends (at that point), but things seem to be heating up.  Check out the photos of the couple(?) below.


Cowboys News and Notes: 6/17/10 (Ken Hamlin Signs, More on Austin/Kardashian)

Hamlin will have to again prove his worth in an effort to land one last big payday.  Hamlin was in a similar situation during his first season with Dallas and played quite well.  He obviously had a down year in 2009, but we still maintain he played better than most people (or everyone) is giving him credit.  We gave him a “B-” overall grade, including an “A-” in run support.  He missed tackles at about one-half the rate of Gerald Sensabaugh and one-third that of Alan Ball, and he also received the highest Dallas Cowboys Times Pass Defense Rating.

As we reported earlier, however, Cowboys fans need not yet worry.  A source very, very close to Austin tells us that while the two have spent time together, they are no more than friends at this point.  Too bad–Kardashian is about the only new “tight end” we’d like to see in Dallas.  Note: That joke is 100% stolen from Amber Leigh.

“I like what’s happening with Buehler,” Jones said. “I like the direction. Is that something I don’t think about? It is something I think about, but I like the way it’s going.”  Buehler led the NFL in touchbacks last season.  His accuracy is essential to the Cowboys in 2010.  We’ve already discussed the extreme importance of having an accurate field goal kicker.

Andre Gurode spends some time with the kids

OLB Victor Butler showed he has great potential last season (at least as a pass-rusher), but Williams probably has the better all-around skill set.  He has been outstanding in offseason workouts thus far.  We think he will ultimately receive more snaps than Butler in 2010, particularly on running downs.

What we learned from this defense is. . .there is so much talent that if they can find a way to force more turnovers, the Cowboys are going to be extremely difficult to beat.  Offensive coordinator Jason Garrett gets a lot of flack for the offense’s poor yards-to-points ratio (we admit a lot of it comes from us), but the number one way to improve that number is for the defense to provide the offense with a short field.

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The Blonde Side: Kard-Austin!?…

By Amber Leigh Hartman

Kard-Austin?! …

According to the National Enquirer (completely reliable source, I know!), our very own Smiles Austin (#19 Dallas Cowboys WR) may have drafted none other than former Super Bowl Champ, Saints Tight End. . .Kim Kardashian!

Rumor has it Kim invited Miles out to LA to watch the Lake Show (Game 6 of the NBA Finals) but did not attend the game with him. They were later spotted on the town having dinner (contract negotiations I’m sure).

From what I hear the two are just friends, but if Kim wants to sprinkle a little luck on the Dallas Cowboys like she did in her previous run with Saints running back Reggie Bush, I’d be willing to give her a shot.

So what will the media start calling the two love birds. . .Kard-Austin? Mil-Ashian?  I don’t really care, as long as it’s not “K-Austin” us our star wide receiver!

Check out Miles’ pictures from the Playboy Mansion.

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Miles Austin and Kim Kardashian Dating? Not So Fast…

The Rumor

According to an offline report by the National Enquirer, our own Miles Austin is dating Hollywood starlet Kim Kardashian.  Miles is no stranger to pretty girls, having spent some time at the Playboy Mansion.

The Enquirer is reporting that Austin and Kardashian spent Game 6 of the NBA Finals together (kind of, since they didn’t sit together) and then dined at Casa Vega (where we assume they finally made eye contact).

The Enquirer even goes as far as to write:

“Kim’s carving out more time in her schedule to be with Miles, and she’s telling those close to her that he’s the one.”

While this is likely a bit of a stretch, the fact that Austin has spent time with Kardashian doesn’t seem to be a fairy tale.  Remember that Austin spent a bit of extra time working out this spring in L.A.–the home of Kardashian.  As ESPN Dallas points out, she is also one of the 15 people he “follows” on Twitter.

We wrote a few months ago what a great fit Reggie Bush would be in Dallas.  One of the primary reasons for this (and only a semi-joke) was that Kardashian would come as a package deal (the two were dating at the time).

The ‘Boys obviously won’t be adding Bush anytime soon, but could Kardashian end up spending some time in Big D anyway?

The Truth

Unfortunately, a source very close to Austin has told us that the rumors aren’t completely true.

Austin has spent some time with Kardashian, but at this time, the two are just friends.  So while the Enquirer is reporting that Kardashian thinks he may be “the one,” we are here to tell you not so fast.

We want to see Ms. Kardashian in Dallas more than anyone (well, perhaps not more than Austin).  At this point, however, it looks as though our boy needs to put in a little more work to discard the much maligned “just friends” label.