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The Blonde Side Interviews (Martellus Bennett, Kevin Smith) and ‘Behind the Scenes’ Footage

Check out the videos below of Amber Leigh’s interviews with Cowboys tight end Martellus Bennett and former Dallas cornerback Kevin Smith, along with some “behind the scenes” footage of one of Amber Leigh’s photo shoots for “The Blonde Side 2011 Calendar.”

You can buy Amber Leigh’s calendar at www.TheBlondeSideStore.com.  Don’t forget the person who purchases the most by the end of 2010 wins a date with Amber Leigh.


Amber Leigh Hartman and “The Blonde Side” Around the Web

Our little girl is growing up.  “The Blonde Side” blogger Amber Leigh has been featured all over the internet of late, including on SI.com, coedmagazine.com, and FHM.com.

She’s also been interviewing Cowboys stars, including Tashard Choice and Martellus Bennett, prior to the home games this season.  At these events, many fans have come out just to see A.L. and get their 2011 “The Blonde Side” Calendars autographed.

You can purchase your copy of A.L.’s calendar at TheBlondeSideStore.com.

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The Blonde Side: Go Cowboys!

The Blonde Side: Go Cowboys!


Amber Leigh Hartman

Hey y’all!  I am super excited to see the Cowboys take on the Dolphins tonight in Arlington!  If you’re going to the game or are in the area, be sure to come say “Hi” to me at the Hilton in Arlington for Everson Walls’ First Sponsored Book Signing of the 2010 NFL season.  His book, A Gift for Ron, will be available to purchase ($25.00) at the signing or you can bring your copy from home!  It’s the perfect time to meet the Cowboys legend before his OFFICIAL tailgate parties kick off for the season (Oops! Insider information. . .You didn’t hear it from me)!

5:00pm – 6:30pm
The Hilton Hotel of Arlington
2401 E. Lamar Blvd
Arlington, TX 76006
$20 for all other autographs

If you don’t want to deal with parking and traffic, do what I do!  Book a pick-up and drop-off with the friendly people at Eclipse Limousines and enjoy yourself worry free at the game.  Ask for Alfonso or Craig, and tell them Amber Leigh from The Blonde Side sent you (you’ll get my discount on the already low prices)! 

Call: 214-507-8644
E-mail: Info@eclipselimos.com

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The Blonde Side: Sideline Eye Candy

Since the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders aren’t available to perform during training camp, girlfriends Candice Crawford (quarterback Tony Romo’s girlfriend) and Kim Kardashian (wide receiver Miles Austin’s fling) have picked up the slack with some sideline support. The bombshell duo was spotted chatting in a suite during Monday’s practice in San Antonio. Though we have yet to see what the Cowboys will bring to the table this year, one thing’s for sure. . .we definitely have the BEST sideline eye candy!

Check out a sneak peak of the gals’ gossip session:

Photo courtesy of TerezOwens.com

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Candice Crawford : @DiceCrawford
Kim Kardashian: @KimKardashian

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The Blonde Side: Gentlemen, Prepare for Battle!

The time is here.  We have all been counting down the months, weeks, days. . .HOURS until our Dallas Cowboys take the field again as a team, and the wait is over.  We can officially drown ourselves in 24/7 gossip and analysis of the Boys’ every move (on and off the field) without looking completely obsessed.

The Dallas Cowboys are en route to training camp in San Antonio, but I feel like I am sending my ‘Boys off to basic training for the military! I n a sense, they are going to prepare mentally and physically in a way similar to members of the military when joining an Armed Forces Unit.  I don’t know about y’all, but if we were going to war, I would feel completely confident with the Cowboys as my Army, protecting my rights!  The team we have developed is looking stronger than ever and with a little team bonding the next few weeks (maybe they’ll take some lessons from their neighbors, the Rangers), we should be unstoppable.

The team is packed with potential and as long as we can maximize each player’s potential as a functioning member of the team, I think this could be our year!  With all of the AMAZING Twitter/Facebook messages players have been sending out, I know everyone is ready to devote all of their time and energy into making this year a great one for us all.  What do you say?  Super Bowl 2011 in Cowboys Stadium, Cowboys vs. ______________ (fill in the blank)!  I say Cowboys vs. Saints. . .winner takes Kardashian! 😉

What are the ‘Boys saying?

Dez Bryant (WR/#88): via Twitter

“Shout out to all of my die hard Cowboys fans”

Tashard Choice (RB/#23): via Twitter

“Welp last night before camp I’ll prob try not to sleep and play call of duty all night cause come tomorrow. I’m goin down the green mile.”

Michael Hamlin (S/#36): via Twitter

“Headed to training camp. San Antonio here I come”

Miles Austin (WR/#19): via twitter

“One more day until training camp…get ya mind right”

“On the way to San Antonio. Ready to work hard as ever. Shout out to all the Cowboys fans!!! Come to practice and check us out!”

David Buehler (K/#18): via Facebook

“On the bus driving down to San Antonio to start training camp… Gettin my mind right to get this season started. I hope everybody is ready for this to be an epic season for the Cowboys! :-)”

Martellus Bennett (TE/#80): via Twitter

“Cowboy Fans follow me I will keep u posted on camp day to day from a players POV. #RootForTheCowboys or become a 18 wheelers bug shield”

“#RootForTheCowboys or chew glass”

“#RootForTheCowboys or sky dive with no parachute.”

“#RootForTheCowboys or bungee jump with fishing string”

“#RootForTheCowboys or kick rocks with open toed sandals”

Tony Romo (QB/#9): via FAKE Facebook

“Training Camp starts tomorrow. I am ready to go. And we got Dez signed up today he is a Cowboy.”


Welcome back NFL and fans!  It’s going to be a tough year so gentlemen. . .prepare for battle!


The Blonde Side: Take Me Out to the Ballgame!

By Amber Leigh hartman

For those who haven’t noticed, the new stadium for your Dallas Cowboys is located particularly close to a certain major league ballpark (The Ballpark in Arlington).

Ladies and gentlemen, I would like to introduce you to the Texas Rangers (a.k.a the baseball team that plays across from the Cowboys)!  In the spring and summer months, the Rangers are constantly running amazing promotions and hosting fun events to bring people out to catch a baseball game.  The team breaks its back to get people to the games, when they really deserve a sold out crowd based on talent alone.

The Rangers strive to promote a “team first” attitude on personal gain within the organization.  The entire team is supportive of one another and the togetherness shows on and off the field.  Right now the Rangers are tearing up the A.L. West and are tied for the best record in baseball with the New York Yankees (who pay their three starting outfielders a combined salary the equivalent of our entire roster).

The Yankees have no problem filling the seats. . .so why should we?  This is TEXAS Y’ALL!  I need some state pride to kick in!  I think everyone should take a look at this amazing team and start supporting the Cowboys’ neighbors a little more this summer!

Want some tips on how to beat the heat and have an amazing time at a Rangers game?  Here are some of my insider secrets on how to keep your night cheap and fun. . .so take me out to the ballgame!

  • If you have kids (or eat a lot) spring for the all-you-can eat-seats!  You will end up spending just as much at the concessions trying to eat moderately, and at least you can stuff your face!
  • Wednesday nights are “Dollar Hot Dog Night” at the ballpark, so get a hot date. . .and a cheap dinner!
  • Friday night fireworks are EXTRA romantic and pretty in the ballpark.  Take your leading lady on a surprise date! (Sports + Romance = Home Run)
  • Pack a lunch!  Don’t want to spend money on ballpark food?  BRING YOUR OWN!  You can have a bag full of anything you would like to bring. . .just make sure it’s finger food! (NO METAL, ALUMINUM OR GLASS!)
  • BRING DRINKS!  You can bring a 12×12” collapsible cooler into the ballpark, so stock up on your favorite soda, sports drink and water!  Just remember, no glass, aluminum or metal AND make sure the bottles are sealed.  (They will not allow you to bring alcohol into the ballpark, but the content inside your sealed, acceptable bottle is your business!)
  • Win tickets from a radio station or check the web for free ticket giveaways.  Less popular series and weekday games are always a little less busy and the security is very nice about letting polite, friendly fans sit just a little closer than what they paid for!
  • LEXUS owners get free valet!  Or CAR POOL with another couple, then split the cost of valet!  $30 so $15 each isn’t bad! (Don’t go there. . .I know what you pay for Cowboys parking!)
  • Check the Rangers website for their Buy One/Get One free tickets! (or any other great promotions they are running!)
  • Go to a game with a concert after.  Make it a date night!  You just paid less for the ticket to the game than you ever would at a concert, and you’re right next to the entertainment.  You’re welcome.



The Blonde Side: Camp Romo

What has America’s Quarterback been doing to beat the Texas heat this summer?  Besides fulfilling his boyfriend/brother bonding obligations at Six Flags with Chace Crawford, Tony Romo can be found teaching a football camp in Wisconsin for young, aspiring quarterbacks.

My only question is how can I spend my summer at CAMP ROMO?!

Check out the news coverage featuring Tony’s latest trip home to give some insider training skills to our future star quarterbacks!


The Blonde Side: Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers?

By Amber Leigh Hartman

A few weeks ago I attended an event put on by 105.3 The FAN at the beautiful Cowboys’ Stadium in Arlington.  The event was called Father’s Day on the Star, and allowed for families (and Cowboys’ fans alike) to spend the entire day on the field.  There was amazing BBQ, entertainment, bounce houses, games, and an endless amount of things to do. Pictures could be taken anywhere, including on the star logo with an Emmitt Smith cutout, and even with some hot referees (wink, wink).

Some of the Cowboys’ current players (Stephen McGee, David Buehler, and Doug Free to name a few) and cheerleaders were present for autograph signings and pictures.  The line was around the stadium for people to get their brief interaction with the rising stars.  The turnout was such a success that the players actually all agreed to stay well beyond their scheduled time to please the fans (even after the cheerleaders left).

What could be better. . .Cowboys, Dads, and. . .Downers?

Though the event was a huge success and provided the optimal location for Cowboys’ fans to come together to enjoy the day set aside for the #1 Cowboys’ fan in our lives (all dads love the ‘Boys right?), there were still some “downers” who were complaining at the end of the day.  The fact that EVERY SINGLE player stayed well beyond their obligation (even the ones who are dads themselves!) was irrelevant to them.

People in line were asked to take pictures of the players and not ask for posed pictures, limit themselves to one autograph per player, and to keep the line moving.  Nonetheless, the players graciously took pictures with fans, signed more than enough memorabilia per person and did it all with a smile on their face (as they did at the Ballin’ with the ‘Boys Shootout).  The fans were taking advantage of the players’ generosity and in turn robbed fellow fans from the opportunity to interact with the team.

People are quick to put the blame on the athlete, the event sponsor, or on anyone but themselves in these situations.  Instead, we should all take a look in the mirror and truly acknowledge when we are responsible for taking advantage of the situation.  If people would have been satisfied with one autograph and candid photos, then the entire room could have probably gone through the line twice in the scheduled time.

I am just as guilty as the next fan of taking a little more than I should sometimes, but I think it is time we realize we aren’t the only “BIGGEST DALLAS COWBOYS FAN” out there.  It may be time to bring back the Golden Rule and treat others how we would want to be treated, especially when the “others” have such great taste in their favorite football team! <3

Check out some of the photos captured at the event by photographer Kyle Porter from the 105.3 The FAN website.


The Blonde Side: Kard-Austin!?…

By Amber Leigh Hartman

Kard-Austin?! …

According to the National Enquirer (completely reliable source, I know!), our very own Smiles Austin (#19 Dallas Cowboys WR) may have drafted none other than former Super Bowl Champ, Saints Tight End. . .Kim Kardashian!

Rumor has it Kim invited Miles out to LA to watch the Lake Show (Game 6 of the NBA Finals) but did not attend the game with him. They were later spotted on the town having dinner (contract negotiations I’m sure).

From what I hear the two are just friends, but if Kim wants to sprinkle a little luck on the Dallas Cowboys like she did in her previous run with Saints running back Reggie Bush, I’d be willing to give her a shot.

So what will the media start calling the two love birds. . .Kard-Austin? Mil-Ashian?  I don’t really care, as long as it’s not “K-Austin” us our star wide receiver!

Check out Miles’ pictures from the Playboy Mansion.

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The Blonde Side: “In Other News. . .”

By Amber Leigh Hartman

Lately the headlines have been filled with the negative actions of athletes (old and new).  Let me remind you of a few. . .Lawrence Taylor (accused of sexual assault), Ben Roethlisberger (accused of sexual assault), Shaun Rogers (carrying a gun through security at the airport) . . .the list goes on.


Your Dallas Cowboys have been devoting some of their pre-season time to give back to the community. 

 Martellus Bennett (#80 TE) and his brother Michael Bennett (#71 DE – Tampa Bay Buccaneers) were spotted at Stars of Texas…Racing Against the Odds benefiting the American Diabetes Association.  The night was star-studded with guests such as Joe Avezzano, Steve Buechele, Kevin Burnett, Tony Casillas, Mike Doocy, Walt Garrison, Burton Gilliam, Jason Garrett, Rudy Gatlin, Dale Hansen, Norm Hitzges, Michael Irvin, Daryl Johnston, Jerry Jones, Babe Laufenberg, Nancy Lieberman, Eugene Lockhart, Frank Luksa, Terence Newman, Preston Pearson, Charlie Pride, Nolan Ryan, Newy Scruggs, Marcus Spears, Jim Sunberg, Everson Walls, Rayfield Wright, and Roy Williams.

Ballin’ with the Boys benefiting “Big Brothers Big Sisters of North Texas and Unique Athletes in Action” also included an entire line-up of your favorite Cowboys. They took on the Legends in a celebrity shootout basketball game (the New School Players beat the Old School guys).

If you were there you probably had a chance to hang out with current players:  Patrick Crayton, Marcus Spears, Tashard Choice, Martellus Bennett, Andre Gurode, Terence Newman, Jason Hatcher, Marcus Dixon, Orlando Scandrick, Mike Jenkins, Michael Hamlin, Dez Bryant, Kevin Ogletree and legends:  Everson Walls, Tony Dorsett, Michael Irvin, Mike Downs, Jessie Penn, Ed “Too Tall” Jones, Tony Casillas, Thomas Everett, and Randy White.

There are charity events constantly being held in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and there are athletes from every sport that come out to support each and every one.  That information rarely makes the headlines, however, as the media chooses to highlight the failures and flaws of athletes (in every genre) instead of promoting athletes’ accomplishments.

I wonder how the stereotype of athletes would change if they got a little credit for the things they are doing right.  That isn’t to say there aren’t some bad seeds in the bunch (because there are some dirty athletes), but why not give more incentive to do good things and give back to the community? 

If the media was constantly featuring the athletes who did so, more would contribute their time, more outlets would broadcast the information, and more fans would show support.  This would create a cycle which would end up benefiting many more people.  Then, when an athlete makes the news for their lack of judgment/ignorance, they will be more embarrassed by their actions because people won’t be as accepting of the behavior. 

Fans should stop expecting athletes to be stars on the field and duds in reality and encourage them to achieve their highest potential (while keeping in mind we all make mistakes). 

Maybe someday the headlines will read:  “Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles Austin Helps Save the Tatas with Susan G. Komen”….instead of “Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Miles Austin Ditches Practice for Playboy”!  :)