The Golden Empire of the Golden Emperor: A Magic Mushroom That’s Also Known as Golden Teachers

One of the most potent and psychedelic psilocybes out there is the magic mushroom known as the Golden Emperor. It has quite the intimidating name too, as though consuming these shrooms will make you feel like King Midas and his golden touch turning everything to solid gold.

With that said, the Golden Emperor also has another name—the golden teachers or Golden Teacher. What’s so academic about this shroom? You can use it to open up your mind and turn yourself into a philosopher of sorts!

Golden Emperor Mushrooms and Its Golden Empire

  • How Much? The cost of these shrooms depends on how many grams you buy as well as potency. They can cost as cheaply as $35 for the smallest amount to $170 for a larger and stronger supply. They belong to the most famous cubensis strains as well.
  • Golden Emperor vs. Golden Teacher: Golden Teacher has a subcategory by which Golden Emperor belongs, which means they belong in the same family. The emperor is a genetic isolation derived from the Golden Teacher strain, in other words.
  • History of the Golden Teacher: Like Athenians having their rulers derived from their most intelligent of philosophers, the Golden Emperor came from the stock and breed of the Golden Teacher strain. In turn, the teacher was first classified in the late 1980s.
  • What The Teacher Teaches: The Golden Teacher is the best teacher you can ingest into your system. It teaches you the age-old truism of reality coming forth from a multitude of perspectives, thus you can learn more about what’s real and true with a perspective flip.
  • Space Cadets Love the Golden Teacher: Psychonauts and space cadets who love to trip around have a deep devotion for the Golden Teacher because true to its moniker, it opens up your mind to many insightful and meaningful experiences. A must-have shroom for creatives!
  • Which Creatives Should Get This Shroom? Become a Golden Emperor of your chosen field by consuming these shrooms as a writer, advertising agent, artist, painter, sculptor, TV executive, showrunner, professor, graphic artist, actor, comedian, and so forth.
  • The THC of Shrooms: Psilocybin might as well the THC (the psychoactive ingredient of marijuana) of mushrooms because on top of giving you hallucinogenic and psychedelic visions, you’ll also get THC-like feelings of connection, warmth, euphoria, and empathy.
  • A Benevolent King: As for the Golden Emperor strain of the Golden Teacher, you will feel like an emperor or a king with the golden touch save for the horror of turning everything to gold (that afterthought is reserved for later, when you come back down to earth from your cloud).
  • Magic Mushrooms: There truly is something magical about these shrooms. They offer a mix of light visual hallucination with profound introspection, euphoria, and spiritual connection. You’ll get to come up with things you normally wouldn’t have imagined without the shrooms.
  • Think Outside the Box: The most imaginative of worlds in writing like the ones in the Wizard of Oz or Alice in Wonderland seemingly root from concepts based upon ideas from a drug-induced stupor. The Golden Teacher opens your mind up to such ideas by the bushel.

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