The Ultimate Bedding Elements To Dress Your Bed   

Styling your bed to perfection is an easy task if you have all the essential elements on hand. A well-made Wakefit bed with plump pillows and a strategically placed throw blanket is the ultimate word in comfort. If you have always wanted to try making your bed so that it looks like it came straight out of a magazine, you are in luck! Besides a fitted cotton bedsheet, there are several more elements involved in creating the perfectly made bed! Let’s take a look at some of them:

  • Bed Skirt

As the name suggests, this is a skirt-like element that goes underneath the mattress above the top of your bed. While some bed skirts come with decking fabric, others come with just a skirt that can be attached to your bed frame. You can pick out a bed skirt that goes well with the remaining elements in your bedroom.

  • Mattress

The major element when it comes to creating the perfect bed is the mattress. You need to choose a mattress that is comfortable yet not too soft. Many people make the mistake of assuming that a soft bed is the best choice. Unfortunately, this can have disastrous effects on your spinal cord.  The Orthopaedic Memory Foam mattress from Wakefit is the perfect blend of comfort and support. It has been designed by a team of doctors to ensure that your spinal cord is well supported without detracting any of the comforts.

  • Mattress Protector

Once you have picked out a good quality mattress, it is a good idea to use a mattress protector over it. This will help protect our mattress from accidental spills or leaks. You can also find mattress toppers that offer extra warmth and comfort. The waterproof mattress protectors come in handy if you have young kids or pets at home.

  • Bottom Sheet

If you have bought a sheet set, you may have noticed that it includes a fitted sheet or a flat sheet, or even both. These sheets and sheet sets come in standard sizes. Therefore, you need to buy a sheet set that corresponds to your mattress size. The fitted sheet ensures that the sheet stays. The fitted sheet is often used as the bottom sheet as it helps the entire bedding stay in place.

  • Top Sheet

The top sheet is often a flat sheet. It is placed over the fitted sheet, and the corners are tucked in carefully. The flat sheet pattern would be similar to that of the fitted sheet if you bought a standard bedsheet online.

  • Duvet

The duvet is a light blanket that is used in summers. You will also come across duvet covers that can be removed and washed regularly. While some sheet sets come with duvet covers, you can also purchase a duvet cover separately.

  • Blanket

The comforter is placed above the duvet for added warmth. This is practised in regions where winters can get really cold. However, if you live in a region where winters tend to be mild, you can stick to a duvet or dohar and avoid having a heavy blanket on your bed.

  • Pillows

A bed is incomplete without a pair of comfy pillows. It is essential to choose pillows that support your neck without raising your head too high. Otherwise, you will find yourself waking up each morning with a neck cramp. According to the experts, the perfect pillows should fit the gap between your neck and mattress. Wakefit offers pillows where you can fill the stuffing according to your requirement. This is a great way to get the perfect pillows for you and your partner.

  • Pillow Protector

The pillow protector comes in handy in protecting your sleeping pillows and even extends their lifespan. They go over your pillows, under the pillowcase. In addition, they come with a zip making them easy to remove and wash regularly.

  • Pillow Case

You will find matching pillowcases in the bed cover set you bought. You can also buy pillowcases separately. The choice is yours. They often come in different designs and colours. Remember to check the size of your pillow before buying new pillowcases.

  • Pillow Sham

The pillow sham is a decorative cover that goes over your pillowcases. These are purely optional as they are used for decorating the bed and serve no particular purpose.

  • Quilt

The quilt is placed over the bed without covering the pillows. They comprise a single layer and are often stitched in different interesting patterns. They often come with a pair of matching pillow shams as well.

  • Throw

The final element in making your bed look picture perfect is the throw blanket or the bedspread. Although traditionally, it is placed on the floor, they look great placed near your pillows. Again, you can add a bit of flair and try to place it strategically for that extra bit of oomph.

Now that you have all the key elements, the next step is assembling them to create that to-die-for bedroom look. But before you proceed, take a cup of baking soda and scatter it all across your mattress. Let it sit for around ten minutes before vacuuming it all up. The baking soda absorbs any odour, leaving your mattress smelling fresh.  Then add the different layers one by one. You can either opt to use all the elements or choose the ones that you deem essential. Once you have placed the flat sheet, you can spritz a bit of essential oil like lavender or jasmine to give your bed a beautiful aroma. The essential oils also help you calm down when you get into bed for a good night of sleep. Some people like to add a couple of extra throw pillows to make the bedding look more comfortable. This is an interesting way to add an accent colour to your bed.

Once you have your bed all made up to look drop-dead gorgeous, you might be tempted not to use it all, lest you spoil the perfectly made-up bed! Fortunately, making your bed look perfect is an easy task that does not take up too much time.

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