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Scoring goals is what makes football exciting for players and fans alike. It involves a unique combination of skill, technique, and a bit of luck. However, there are techniques that can increase your chances of scoring and make you a better goal scorer. THSPORT has compiled a list of Today’s football tips (ทีเด็ดบอลวันนี้) shooting techniques that can help you master the art of scoring.

Proper body position:

Having the correct body position is crucial in scoring a goal. To shoot accurately and with power, your body should be properly aligned. This means that your head, shoulders, hips, and feet should all be facing the goal. Additionally, your standing foot should be pointed in the direction of the goal, and your non-kicking foot slightly behind the ball to give you a stable base.

Using the sweet spot:

Every footballer knows that the sweet spot on their foot is where the ball should make contact. The sweet spot is the center of your foot, where the laces meet the foot. Hitting the ball with the sweet spot generates maximum power and accuracy. Make sure to lean forward slightly and follow through your shot to utilize the full energy available.

Timing and positioning:

The timing and positioning of your shots play a vital role in scoring goals on a consistent basis. A well-timed shot maximizes the chances of beating the goalkeeper. In terms of positioning, a striker must try to get close to the goal, preferably in the six-yard box. This strategy will provide easy shots and more opportunities for scoring. The striker must also be aware of the positioning of the goalkeeper and must shoot in the opposite direction if the goalkeeper is positioned to block the shot.

Body movements:

Perfecting your body movements will take your shooting to the next level. Your body movements should be smooth and natural. When shooting, your non-kicking foot should be pointing towards the direction of the target, and your body should be leaning slightly forward. Proper follow-through is also essential to generate power. Practice your body movement with both feet to increase your versatility in the game.


Last but not least, confidence is an essential ingredient for scoring goals. Believe in yourself and don’t hesitate when you have the chance to shoot. Build your confidence by practicing regularly, and adopt a positive mindset. There will be times when your shot is saved by the goalkeeper, but don’t lose faith in your ability. Keep practicing to perfect your techniques and become an unstoppable goal scorer.


Scoring goals is an art that requires immense skill, technique, and practice. The football shooting techniques mentioned above can help you master this art and become a more successful goal scorer. Start practicing these techniques, perfect your timing, positioning, and body movements, and build your confidence. With hard work and dedication, you will become an unstoppable force on the pitch, and scoring goals will become second nature to you. Trust the process, and always strive to be better than you were yesterday. Good luck!

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