What Is The Work Of A Registry Cleaner?

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Why do you need a registry cleaner?

Before knowing why one needs a registry cleaner, one should know what a registry cleaner is. A registry cleaner is a type of software that is used in scanning the registries of Windows. A registry cleaner scans the entries of the Windows registry to find out those that are not important anymore.

Once the scanning of the Windows registry is done, a registry cleaner will show all the unimportant entries on your screen. After the scanning, you can decide what you want to do with those entries.

First, you can allow the registry cleaner to remove all the entries by itself. However, if you do not wish to remove all the entries you can remove them manually. 

The entries which are of no use are ranked in a few ways. While showing it to you, the registry cleaner can rank them according to their importance or unimportance. Thus, you can easily decide which entries you want to keep and which you want to delete.

The major difference between the two registry cleaners is their efficiency of work. A registry cleaner is judged or rated based on its efficiency to find the unnecessary registries of Windows. 

When someone says that a certain registry cleaner is better than the others, it means that the registry cleaner works more efficiently than other registry cleaners. It means that the registry cleaner can find out almost all the unnecessary entries of the Windows registry. 

It also means that the registry cleaner can differentiate between an unnecessary and necessary entry and registry key of the registry of Windows.

When you hear the name registry cleaner, you might think that it cleans the registry of Windows. But actually, it is not true. The truth is the registry of Windows does not need cleaning at all!

The actual work of a registry cleaner is to fix certain problems related to the registry of Windows. Some of them are finding unused file extensions, finding fonts that are lost, finding obsolete software, finding type libraries, and finding the paths of different applications, and other Windows services.

Other than these functions, a registry cleaner can also scan the menu ordering area of Windows. When a registry cleaner scans the Menu ordering of Windows, it deletes or removes all the customizations that you might have made to specific menus of Windows.

Hence, a registry cleaner resets these menus of Windows to their original version.

Another feature of a good registry cleaner is that it allows the owner of the laptop or computer to back up the registry of Windows before removing the unnecessary entries from the registry.

This way, after removing the entries if you feel like you need them again, you can easily get them back on your computer or laptop with the help of the backup.

Plus, after the scan is done, a good registry cleaner will also provide you with a summary of the scan. It will include all the entries that have been scanned and all the entries of the Windows registry that are removed automatically by the cleaner or manually by you. Thus, a registry cleaner works like a multipurpose tool.

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