Why are violet dropper bottles the best choice?

Over the years, several colors have been used in the containers where medicines, cosmetics and food products, among others, are stored. Although not attractive at first glance, violet dropper bottles offer great benefits that are not known to the vast majority of people. Despite appearing black in color, they are actually dropper bottles that have a dark violet color or also called Miron Violet. It is incredible that a simple color can provide so many benefits and it is necessary that you know them so you can take full advantage of them. Forget about transparent, green, blue or brown dropper bottles, violet is here to stay.

Benefits known for many years

It is documented that the Egyptians used violet glass to preserve their most precious oils and substances. In the Middle Ages it was also used, although its use became less popular with the introduction of preservatives. Recent studies have found that violet glass is able to filter light entering dropper bottles, reducing light damage and increasing the shelf life of the products stored in them. Sunlight is composed of different types of rays. Violet glass allows only violet, ultraviolet and infrared rays to pass through. Professor Hugo Niggli discovered that these rays activate and energize the molecular structure of the substances contained inside the bottles made of violet glass. This not only extends the shelf life of products using violet glass containers, but also helps to maintain their chemical properties unaltered.

Products with fewer preservatives, safer and healthier

We are familiar with how medical, skin care, food and many other products are stored in transparent, blue or brown glass or plastic containers, without knowing that they require the use of preservatives to slow down the deterioration caused by contact with light. A product with preservatives is less natural and more harmful to our health. One of the great advantages of violet glass is that it reduces or eliminates the use of preservatives and therefore the products reach our hands with a much more natural and less harmful chemical composition.  Medical products as delicate as eye drops are kept for much longer and with better quality thanks to the use of violet glass dropper bottles. The next time you see one of these bottles, don’t panic. Remember that its benefits make it the best option when choosing the products you will buy for your health care.

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