Cable protection customized to your application!

The demands in the field of cable defense are ending up being increasingly complicated. Cable avenues need a lot of attributes to secure cable television bundles optimally under diverse conditions, e.g.:

  • Versatility
  • High resistance against to and also UV radiation
  • High resistance to deterioration
  • Flame-resistant and self-extinguishing

International makers supply high-performance market options that uniquely meet the demands of clients, whatever market they operate in. Trick aspects consist of solving a detailed need, saving installment as well as element prices, and enhancing the high quality of the completed product.

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The product profile includes the following remedies:

  • Versatile wire channels as well as screwed connections

A comprehensive range of versatile protection conduits made from PA6, PA12, fire-resistant PA6-FR, as well as PP, as well as the double-slit adaptable channel HG-DC ideal for retro-fitting. A complete range of IP66 as well as IP68/IP69k glands in a wide range of forms, straight, 90°, 45°, T, Y as well as flange, with dealt with statistics as well as PG strings, or additionally with internal or external swivel brass threads. Installations with strain alleviation as well as cord sealing are additionally readily available.

  • Versatile metallic cable defense channels as well as screwed connections.

General-purpose versatile avenues, galvanized steel, and stainless steel, with high tensile, compression, as well as influence strength. Nickel layered brass and stainless-steel fittings, metric as well as PG, with taken care of and outside threads. Adaptable conduits with the plastic finish as well as installations.

Versatile metallic PVC conduits, PA6 and polyolefin covers, and really strong compression, tensile as well as effect strength. Nickel layered brass IP54 fittings, statistics, and PG, along with IP65 compression installations, metric as well as PG, with exceptional pull-off strength. Both versions in different shapes, as well as deal with or swivel strings.

  • Flexible metal cable defense conduits with liquid-tight cover, IP68, IP69k, as well as installations.

Adaptable metal channels with smooth, UV-resistant PVC, as well as polycarbonate rubber covers and high compression, tensile, as well as influence toughness. Nickel-plated brass IP68/IP69 compression installations, metric as well as PG, with exceptional pull-off toughness. The safety conduit systems appropriate for exterior use.

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