Different Types of Modern Water Purifiers and Importance of Drinking Purified Water

According to various studies, most of the diseases especially those which are related with our digestive system come from water. Not drinking purified water is the most significant harm that you may cause to your body. It can lead to several kinds of complications. Presence of too many mineral salts in water can cause digestive problems. It weakens digestive abilities and also leads to appetite loss. Presence of germs in water can cause diarrhea and other fatal water bore diseases. Presence of harmful metal like Arsenic can cause slow poisoning, leading to immense physical harms. Thus, when it comes to drinking water, it is essential for us to drink properly filtered water.

Importance of Having Robust Water Purifiers

To consume drinking water with safety, installing a water purifier at house is a must-do thing. Suitable filters can block germs or antibodies in water. Moreover, they can prevent harmful minerals that are severely affecting our body. Different kinds of water filters are there, and with the advent of technology, new types are approaching to the marketplace. It is essential to buy good water filters that are poised with abilities to block germs as well as harmful minerals. Moreover, water purifiers should balance minerals, PH level, and various other factors so that water can become safe for drinking.

Different Types of Water Filters

Use of water filters can be noted in both households and commercial places. Based on the requirements and suitability, different kinds of water purifiers have been installed at various locations. In the following section, top five types of water purification systems are briefly discussed.

  • Alkaline Ionizers

In this type of water purifiers, electrolysis has been used as the mechanism for water purification. For electrolysis, water needs to be passed through two plates which are electrically charged. One plate is positively charged, and another plate is negatively charged. When water passes through such electrically charged plates, it gets divided into two streams. One half becomes acidic, and another half of the water becomes alkaline. Low acidic water is always good for health.

  • Reverse Osmosis Purifier

When water comes from natural reservoirs, this kind of filter has to be used. RO stands for Reverse Osmosis. This is a membrane that does not only provide filtration of water but also add essential components to water so that it becomes seamlessly suitable for drinking purposes. RO water purifier includes germ-free, odor-free and crystal clear water.

  • UV Water Purifiers

This type of water filter is based on ultraviolate ray-filtering system. This type of filter is used for water filtration when water comes from the local reservoir. With ultraviolet radiation, bacteria or germs in the water can be removed. Moreover, using UV water purifier is considered a more environmentally-friendly way of filtering water.

  • Activated Carbon Filter

Activate carbon filters are also known as carbon pre-filters or carbon filters. This filter has been used for removing larger particles from the water. For example, this filter eliminates sediments, a large chunk of particles and silt from the water. It also ensures removal of bad odor from the sea. It can reduce the amount of chlorine in the water.

  • Infrared Filters

Like alkaline filters, this type of filter has also been used for removing acidity from water. That means water passed through this filter will turn into soft water which is healthier for your body. Infrared technology uses heat and light to charge the water negatively. As a result, the acidity level comes down in the water.

Reasons to Have the Right Water Purification System

Doctors always advise people to consume clean and filtered water to stay away from water-borne diseases. Here are reasons why you should drink purified water at home or office.

  • Safe drinking water

When you have complete water filtering system at house or office, you get the most reliable water to drink. Not just water that you are directly drinking, water used for cooking or other edible activities will remain safe.

  • Good health for kids

Due to low immune power, kids are vulnerable to face many water-borne diseases. Thus, it is necessary to give them purified water which is germ-free or harm free.

  • Safety for eyes and teeth

Non-filtered water coming directly from underground boring can cause eyesight and teeth problems. For the protection of your health, you must ensure that your house is protected with an adequate water filtration system.

  • Better digestive ability

Poor quality water causes digestive disruptions. On the other hand, good quality water ensures the better digestive ability. To keep your appetite and digestive power intact, you need to use correctly purified water.

For drinking, we need clean and germ-free water. Moreover, drinking water must have the proper balance of minerals and other ingredients so that we can stay healthy. This is why it is essential to choose supreme quality water purifiers for home or office.

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