Guide for her 5 small and simple steps to understand if he likes you.

When someone likes you and hits you, it’s not always easy to decipher the other person, especially how they feel about you . Seen from the outside it is very easy to understand if there is harmony between two people, yet when the involvement is personal and involves you, everything becomes much more complicated .

In reality, it is sufficient to pay attention to small details to have precise, almost mathematical, feedback on the possibilities of  really pleasing the guy you are interested in .

How to tell if someone of the opposite sex likes you?

If at the level of the unconscious it is possible to lie, the body can unmask our real intentions , through certain gestures that we do unconsciously. Before you risk making missteps with him, you must pay attention to simple and clear signs.

Little guide to seducing the guy you like

With these little tricks, seducing the guy you like will be a breeze in monannoncerencontre  ! These that we will reveal to you are the 5 signals to understand if your exit will be top or flop !

1 – Non-verbal messages

Unlike women, men let out many unconscious signals , and almost none consciously: they don’t like to be very expansive, unless you give them a rope. It is therefore essential to be  able to understand their body language , especially if you are interested in a guy you don’t know.

In general, there are not many signs to interpret: even in this, men are less communicative than women, but through the  b ody language you can understand something. Gaze, hand position and words are important indices of male interest: s horror, look into each other’s eyes, keep arms and legs relaxed but not crossed … If he then leans towards you while he is talking and listening to you or approaches with the head, he is very likely to care .

2 – The look

The eyes are the mirror of the soul and this truth is even more true when we are blinded by love for someone. Gaze is one of the most important telltale signs – look him straight in the eye and if you notice that his pupils are starting to dilate slightly then there is good news for you, you may be interested! But be careful, if his gaze becomes fleeting, as if he were distracted or anxious to look for other things to do, then you should take a step back and change suitors.

3 – The attitude

The man himself tends to get noticed when he is skilled at something or when he likes something or someone. The attitude is very eloquent and it’s up to you to try and grasp the details. When guys are interested they tend to interact physically , not only with their friends but also with the fairer sex: if he behaves like this, it means that he wants to be the center of your attention.

If he is truly attracted to you, he will try to use every good opportunity for physical contact. If he then shares one of his garments with you, that’s it: do so in such a way that his perfume remains impressed on you even after the appointment. There is chemistry!

4 – The words

If he likes you, he will try to introduce topics that interest both of you . You will gradually realize that you are sharing the same passions and it will be because you like to talk about what interests you: he will be interested in understanding not only things about you but also about your life. A shy guy will have a harder time showing interest through explicit language and for this you will have to be even more attentive to his words towards you and remember: never be too expansive or aggressive with a shy, you will make him run away!

5 – Teens on social media

Have you been texting yourself on WhatsApp for over an hour? It is a first sign of his interest in you. If he looks for you first, give him a rope in a way that lengthens your conversation. The dance of courtship through chat has rules of back and forth, it cannot be unique, otherwise it goes to die. If you manage to be ambiguous in chat flirting and he will indulge you, that’s it. Even on Facebook and Instagram, leaving a like on something you share can be a sign of his interest.

Put these handy tips into practice with the guy who stole your heart!

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