Hair Colour Brands – An Insight

Hair colouring is a fantastic experience as there are a lot of colours to choose from. Hair colour plumps up the hair shaft and adds volume to them. If you are looking for a perfect hair colour then you need to know your skin tone and undertone. There is a simple test to do so! The vein test! If you have green-coloured veins, then warm shades like blonde, brown, caramel, etc., will look good on you. If you have blue-coloured veins, then cool colours like red, maroon, purple, etc., will look good on you.

As far as hair colour brands are concerned, it is important to opt for a dye that does not damage your hair in any way. One such natural dye is Godrej Expert Rich Crème. This dye is infused with natural ingredients like Amla, Reetha, Aloe Vera, etc., which are proven to treat your dry and frizzy hair. These hair dyes condition your hair from root to tip, while making your hair strong, soft, and smooth.

Hair colours breathe life into your hair and add vibrance to them. People having thin hair can go for colours that add volume to their locks. Also, hair colours reflect the personality and mood of the person. Thus, it is essential to choose a hair colour that blends effortlessly with your natural hair colour without damaging them.

Today we will be discussing the best hair colour ideas with the amazing shades provided to us by Godrej. The five stunning shades condition your hair and make you look elegant. So, without further ado, let’s begin!       

Hair Colouring Ideas – Top Hair shades & Styles

Hair colours add a natural glow to your entire look. They elevate your overall appearance and make your entire look subtle and elegant. Below are the best hair shades and styles that are low-maintenance and by far, beautiful. 

  1. Red Hot Ombre Hair Colour

Red and black are generally very hard to pull off because they can look unnatural. If you go with this shade, you have to first lighten your dark hair so that a lighter and funky shade like red blends in and suits your look. This is a vibrant shade that makes your locks look thicker and bold. Thus, if you like experiencing bold shades, this red shade is for you.

  • Chocolate Hair Colour

If you are someone who likes subtle hair shades, then this shade is for you. Chocolate is a shade of brown that blends like magic with your black/ brown hair. This hair dye is a safe option as it does not require any experiment with your look. This colour just adds warmth and dimension to your locks and makes them look thicker. This colour is neither too bright nor too light. This colour creates a noticeable difference and is one of the preferred shades by women.

  • Smokey Silver Hair Colour

Ombre is a creative yet natural shade. You can get any shade of ombre you wish to. One shade that you must try is the smoky silver ombre hair colour. This is a trendy colour combination for women who wish to update their hairstyle with a fresh shade. This hair colour starts lighting the roots and moving down to the ends giving an ashy effect to them. This is one of the best shades that one must try!

  • Two-Tone Neutral Hair Colour

Blending shades of the same family is not a new thing. We have always seen people having two different yet same hair shades. And they look amazing. For instance, you can take a dark brown shade blended with honey brown hair colour to give your hair a natural and gorgeous look. The hues complement one another and give a natural look to your tresses. Try double shade hair colours now!      

  • Auburn Hair Colour

Long hair tends to look lifeless without hair shape and dimension. Long hair also needs cutting, colouring and style. Give your hair a touch of red in combination with a black hair shade. Auburn hair colour gives an edgy and sophisticated look to your tresses. Auburn is a warm shade and looks amazing with people having cool undertones. This is a good hair shade that complements your black hair.

  • Champagne Hair Colour

Subtle shades are soft and elegant. Champagne is one hair shade that looks amazing on every skin tone. It is a soft and updated hair shade that is popular nowadays. This colour melts in your natural hair and gives a lighter hue to them. This is an overall silky hair shade that blends with your base colour naturally. For the ones who love natural shades, this one is a must-try!

  • Purple Passion Hair Colour

This is one of the trendiest ombre shades that look funky, bold, and gorgeous. When paired with black hair, this shade looks amazing. Purple is a shade that is not done by everyone. This shade is for the woman who loves to experiment with different hair colours. The best thing about this hair colour is that it does not require bleaching your hair. It simply sits on your hair without damaging your tresses. Get this trendy hair shade done this season!

  • Light to Dark Hair Colour

When it comes to bleaching or light hair colours, we often colour/ bleach our ends. This is a reverse hair shade idea that you can try. In this hair colouring technique, the bleaching will be done to the roots and the colour will darken at the ends. This technique requires fineness. Ask your hairstylist for this reverse hair colouring technique to look unique and stunning.  

  • Strawberry Blonde Hair Colour

This is also a double hair shade that you can try. Firstly you need to get a global hair colour done. This hair colour can be blonde or caramel. Once your hair has been coloured completely, you go for a shade of red. Get streaks or highlights done with this hair shade. This is a different hair shade wherein two different colours are blended to get one perfect shade. Try this unique hair colour now!

  1. Natural Brown Hair Colour     

This is the go-to colour for every woman on this planet. This one shade looks amazing and blends effortlessly with your natural hair shade. Brown shade never goes out of style. This shade adds flair to your tresses and makes your tresses look natural and versatile.

  1. Golden Brown Hair Colour

One more shade that does not go out of style! This trendy shade complements your dark hair colour. Dark Mahogany blended with copper shade looks amazing! It gives your hair a sun-kissed look and complements your complexion and eye colour as well. For an overall gorgeous look, you must definitely go with this hair colour.  

So, these are some of the best hair colours that one must try. These colours give a completely different look to your appearance. And as far as hair colours are concerned, it is essential to use a natural hair colour brand. Godrej Expert Rich Crème is a natural hair colouring brand that is infused with Amla, Reetha, Vitamin E, etc., which nourish your strands and prevent them from damage. Thus, colour your hair naturally without damaging it with this natural dye.   

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