5 Ways to Recover from Addiction

Fuel Your Brain

The average person makes approximately 35,000 remotely conscious decisions every day. Individuals with autism and other forms of decreased social awareness make even more. Over time, this constant decision-making takes a toll on our brain, and it becomes easier to fall into a routine, to stick with the habits we formed when we weren’t so mentally exhausted. Addiction is a routine, and to break free of that routine is a decision. In order to have complete control of your thoughts and actions, your mind must be well-rested, relaxed, and recharged. As you move toward recovery and the free SBIRT training process, get plenty of sleep, develop healthy habits to contribute to your recuperation, and decrease the number of decisions you have to make throughout the day by delegated simple tasks to those you trust. As you completely dedicate your mental energy to choosing to stop, you will find temptations easier to resist and peace easier to find. Substance Education Institute, located in Salt Lake City, Utah, offers free recovery training through a process called SBIRT. SBIRT training refers to a screening, a brief intervention, and a referral to treatment, all for a total of zero dollars.

Identify Triggers

External relapse triggers may be broad or very specific, but identifying them is crucial to overcoming them. Stress and emotional distress should be avoided during the addiction recovery process; however, it is sometimes inescapable. If stress triggers your addiction, identify other activities or people that bring you peace in times of trial. Other possible triggers may include financial struggles, environmental cues, or family quarrels. Make your family and friends aware of the free SBIRT training process you are going through so that they can help, and avoid environments that may remind you of your addiction or encourage you to relapse. Someday you will be strong enough to confront these things without succumbing to temptation, but while the process is still new, don’t give yourself the chance to yield. At Substance Education Institue, you can receive free SBIRT training in Utah, where doctors will refer you to a professional for treatment specific to your situation and needs.

Rely on Friends and Family

Addiction is lonely, but recovery from it doesn’t have to be. Communicate your situation, hopes, and fears with your family and loved ones, and turn to them for support when you feel isolated during Utah’s free SBIRT training process. You don’t have to go through this alone. Substance Education Institute offers cannabis and opioid education courses for as little as fifty dollars and welcomes all for free SBIRT training in Utah.

Substance Education Institute offers cannabis and opioid education courses and welcomes all for free SBIRT training in Utah.

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