7 Expert Tips to Choose Wall Stickers for Kids Room

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Wall stickers don’t just make a kid’s room look fun and lively but they are a great way to instil creativity and let their tiny minds wander and seek adventure. During their growing phase, the walls of your kid’s room serve as a window to the outside world. By painting the canvas with bright colours and patterns, you can give them a glimpse of the vast and wild world that awaits them. 

Have you decided to revamp your kid’s room by installing cartoon wall stickers but don’t know where to begin? If yes then keep reading to learn about 7 expert tips that will make picking wall decals for your kid’s room look like child’s play. 

  1. Match the room’s aesthetic 

Before you go shopping for wall decals, look around your kid’s room and pay attention to the hues on the walls, the furniture and other décor elements in the room. Choose wall stickers that will match the existing theme of the room. A pro tip is to pick accent colours from the walls and the décor pieces and buy wall decals that belong to the same colour palette. 

  • Let your kid choose the design

Unless your kid is too small to decide for himself or herself, let your kid choose the wall decals for their room. You can give them your opinion and help them choose. Help them pick a design that best reflects their taste, personality and character. You can choose anything from forest animals, florals, cars, geometric patterns to unicorns and frozen wall stickers

  • Customise the size

Measure the wall on which you intend to install the wall decals before you go shopping. Having said that, don’t shy away from cutting the wall decals to make them fit better on the walls. 

  • Make use of the ceiling 

If you want to go bold, then install wall stickers on the ceiling of your toddler’s room. This is a great way to draw the attention of your kid to the ceiling of the room at night when they go to bed. Your kid will feel safe and comforted looking at the wall decals just before they close their eyes and dream away. Some popular motifs you can consider for your ceiling are clouds, galaxies, starry night or frozen wall stickers.

  • Pick fabric wall decals

If you are looking for an environment friendly and sustainable wall sticker material, then swap the PVC plastic wall decals for the fabric ones. It is not only safe for your child but is also easy to peel off. This makes it easy for you to remove and replace them with new ones every time your kid has a new obsession. 

  • Involve the kids

The best part about cartoon wall stickers is that they are easy to install for anyone and everyone. So, make it a DIY project and include your kids and let them help you decorate their room. This will not only help you bond with them but will also make them feel responsible and heard. 

  • Get creative with the location 

Wall decals need not necessarily be installed on the walls. You can install them on doors, glass surfaces, cupboards and furniture. So, go berserk and install them wherever you wish to. Remember to clean the surface thoroughly before you apply them as this will help them stick better and last longer. 

Wall decals are a great budget-friendly option to makeover your kid’s space without emptying your pockets. Visit the Asian Paints website to get your hands on high quality and fade-resistant cartoon wall stickers for your kids’ room. 

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