High Quality Cable Manufacturer

Diverse Cable Products

Sycor Technology specializes in cables and wires, ensuring that they meet the various requirements set forth by their wide variety of clients, which are located throughout its home country of Canada as well as throughout the world. These cables and wires are manufactured in its 40,000-square foot warehouse in Mississauga, Ontario, and are later used by customers in an impressive assortment of fields, including solar energy, robotics, power management, automotive, gaming and telecommunications.

Cables for Automation

An increasing number of companies are using robotic automation, and these machines have special needs as far as their cabling and wiring goes. For example, they need to be able to remain at a high quality while enduring repetitive movements in demanding factory conditions. Sycor is a cable manufacturer that understands these needs and ensures that they are met prior to any cables departing its warehouse.

Annual Purchase Benefits

Those clients that place an order for their annual needs receive extra benefits, including their cables and wires being held exclusively for them in Sycor’s warehouse, allowing them to not need to store these items at their own places of business prior to them being needed. Expedited delivery is often available as well.

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