7 Holiday Decorating Mistakes Everyone Should Avoid

You might be thinking that the holiday season has just ended and we’re already talking about decorating again? Admittedly, it might be a few months too early to start decorating your home for the holidays, but it’s never too soon to start planning.

Many of us are guilty of reusing the same ornaments and set of decorations year after year without giving it much thought. Sadly, by doing this, you can be making several holiday decorating faux pas that’s making your family cringe. Here are a few major mistakes to avoid this year:

Mistake #1: Dry Trees

Depending on when you bring home a fresh tree for the holidays, there will come a time where the branches and pines start looking drab and brown. If this has been the case at home for years, you are forgetting to keep the tree hydrated!

Simply soak a few inches of the trunk in freshwater while the tree is on display and you’ll find it lasts longer without looking worse for wear.

Mistake #2: Forcing The Red And Green Theme

Red and green is the classic color scheme for the holidays, but it has lost its appeal in the last decade. While the colors might look nostalgic, they are now seen as outdated. This holiday season, try experimenting with a different color scheme and surprise your holiday guests when they arrive!

Mistake #3: Not Considering Pet And Child Safety

While it’s nice to add personalized ornaments for pets on the tree for the holidays, their safety is of utmost importance. The same goes for toddlers and young children. Make sure to close off access to the tree and keep all electrical wires safe and secured.

Avoid decorations that dangle at the bottom of the tree as this is enticing for pets and children to tug on which can result in serious accidents.

Mistake #4: Using Mass-Produced Decor

Opting for mass-produced decorations can make the task easier, but it also results in a less than original theme. Instead of picking up whatever set of ornaments they have at the local retail shop, choose something like personalized ornaments for pets to add something unique and different to this year’s decor.

Mistake #5: Buying Cheap Christmas Lights

Purchasing cheap lights for Christmas is a safety hazard. While it can save you a few bucks at the start, the savings is not worth putting your home and family at risk.

Mistake #6: Leaving The Lights On All Night

A bright and twinkling home can look magical at night, but there should be a time limit on when you can leave the lights on. Not only will your energy consumption spike, but you can also risk complaints from neighbors who can’t sleep through the night with all the lights on.

Mistake #7: Putting Up Too Much

Sadly there is such a thing as too much holiday decorations. Although there’s no harm in having some holiday cheer, putting up too many decorations can result in the home looking tacky. Limit how much decorations you put up this year by creating a design plan as soon as possible.

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