Advantages of Pellet Heating

Do you know about pellet heating? Below we discuss the advantages of pellet heating:

Renewable, Local Raw Material

Wood is a renewable raw material that is available practically on every doorstep. The production of wood pellets is associated with much less energy consumption than fossil fuels such as oil or gas. Pellets are, therefore, a reliable energy source with high availability.

Environmentally Friendly

wood pellets boilers burn CO2-neutrally. When the pellets are burned, CO2 is released, but the trees first absorb this as they grow and converted it into oxygen. Heating with a pellet heating system and wood pellets is therefore described as almost CO2-neutral. In a house with 100 square meters of living space, heating with wood pellets can save around 2.6 tons of CO2 per year. Heating systems that heat with wood do not pollute the air and climate additionally.

Stable Prices

Pellets have shown an average price advantage of 35 percent compared to heating oil over the past ten years. The security of supply is high. The price development is not dependent on politics and speculation. The expected price increases are lower than for fossil fuels. The price fluctuations are more regionally determined due to the quantities produced and in a narrower range than for oil or gas. Tip: In recent years, the prices for wood pellets have always dropped significantly in summer. So, fill your pellet storage tank cheaply in summer and enjoy pleasant heating temperatures in winter.


If a switch to central pellet heating does not equal, the entire heating system is changed or replaced. Existing pipes and radiators can continue to be used. Another advantage is that it can be easily combined with other regenerative energy sources such as a solar system. The environmentally-friendly combination of pellet heating and solar thermal energy guarantees you additional funding opportunities.

Clean Combustion

Pellets burn very cleanly, and there is little ash left as residue that can be disposed of with the compost at home. Pellets do not cause any unpleasant odors in the building.

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