Choices for The Psychotherapy Options

Psychotherapy is a valuable resource for dealing with the difficulties of existence in all the forms that human suffering can take: symptomatic manifestations (panic, anxiety, depression, phobias, anorexia, etc.), personal crises, relationship crises, marital conflicts and family members, psychosomatic disorders, difficulties in life transitions, professional crises, etc.

Psychotherapy is also a space conducive to personal growth, a privileged place or way of creating intimacy with oneself, establishing constructive dialogues, questioning, and opening new channels of communication, transforming stereotyped functioning patterns, restoring the formative and creative process. of each one.

Psychotherapy offers an opportunity to understand one’s own modes of attachment and interpersonal relationship. This process happens within a healthy relationship with a qualified professional. You can search by Havening in my area and get the solutions.

The Evolution

Psychotherapy occupies today a fundamental place in the health area, because it brings an integrated view of man, considering the organic, psychic and social dimensions that jointly participate in the production of human existence and its problems.

In some cases, psychotherapy also fulfills a function of education for life. This is an area little considered in our culture, but it is evident when people find themselves unable to deal with situations such as marital crises, unemployment, aging, etc.

  • Psychotherapy is a special space for attention to life’s difficulties and internal ways of solving them. Their results demonstrate a great life-transforming power.
  • All the latest advances in psychology and psychotherapy have enabled us to achieve ever greater and more significant results.

Although it may seem, at first glance, to be a costly treatment, psychotherapy has actually proved to be an economical mode of treatment. Research indicates that the effective application of psychotherapy decreases the rates of medication consumption and hospitalizations, for example. (1) In addition to all the benefits it brings to a person’s psychological health, improved quality of life, autonomy, and a new orientation towards life, psychotherapy has proven to be an economically rewarding treatment for preventing and treating psychological problems that, when not dealt with properly, bring huge economic damage to people and the country.

The Deadlines

In general, the treatment deadlines are relative to the intended objectives. There are several recent developments in brief psychotherapies that focus on more specific goals.

Significant results can now be achieved in periods of 3 months to 12 months and there are many deep therapeutic processes that close satisfactorily within less than 3 years. Many people already get significant results in the first weeks of treatment, offsetting the investments made.

Some people find in therapy a fundamental place to follow their formative life process, where deeper transformations in life structure are worked over several years. These are situations in which the therapeutic process does not have a definite deadline, because it does not have a predetermined goal and is always in common agreement between the therapist and the client.


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