Choosing Your Website Partner: Wix Vs Weebly

Creating your own website or blog is becoming a more and more popular hooby in addition to being an incredibly useful business asset. There are many programs and pieces of software designed to help you create your very own website but there are some dominant leaders who have mass appeal to those wanting to express themselves online.

Two of the major names in website creation are Wix and Weebly. Though both names have their names scattered across the web in the form of recommendations by various users, which of the two are actually better at what they do?

Working your way around the sites

Out of the two brands, Wix have been known to spend a buck or two on getting their name out there. Although this is a practise that many companies swear by, it doesn’t necessarily mean that the better known name is any better than a smaller brand.

Searching for wix vs weebly online is highly likely to throw up some ads on the search results of the brands advertising themselves but what you really want to know is the inside scoop. 

Getting started on both website builders is easy for any computer user with a basic knowledge of how to use a mouse and access the Internet. Both sites just need an email address in order to sign up and they also both use a drag and drop system for extremely easy web design.

Weebly has fewer options than Wix when it comes to making the website entirely your own and unfortunately there’s no undo button if you go wrong. However, Wix may seem a little much to new users as there are so many options for various areas of the site. There is however, a site history button so you can go back and change settings if you don’t like something newly added.

Creating your own vision

In regards to the actual design of your website, Weebly has very little adjustment room to make the site your own. Much of their designs are structured and don’t allow you to move very much. 

But Wix on the other hand has many custom areas which can be tweaked numerous times and then undone if you’re not happy. The Wix userface also allows you to change colours, fonts and the layout of a design once you’ve chosen a design you like. 

In a scenario of wix or weebly it’s a clear indicator that Wix is the winner for design flexibility. 

The world of blogging

Blogging is a huge entity for websites now so it’s been an imperative development for both website builders to jump on board.

In a direct comparison between the two, Wix has a very limited approach to blog posts as it appears in a separate window and doesn’t have much wiggle room.

Weebly on the other hand offers a more flexible approach as to the layout of a blog post and also allows creation of image galleries etc. 

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