Furnishing Your Condo From Start To An Organized Living Space

Most of the time we do not plan any space organizer or fit everything in small space because either we do not find it worth spending money over the organization or we do not have any ideas to do. Moreover trying to fit every stuff over a small space poses a huge challenge to make it look organized. 

Even if the space you have is smaller, but that does not make it less appealing to get organized and look furnished. You have to balance it with the right kind of furnishing development and making it comfortable for living for the upcoming years. Let us discuss some of the tips for decorating the small space decorate a small condo (แต่ง คอน โด ขนาด เล็ก, which is a term in Thai) with some of the great ideas that practically implementable. 

Outline Separate Areas: 

Do not ever go with the concept of open rooms when deciding to refurbish or decorating space as it will become more mess around after a while. You need to get the best out of every place, so clearly define the boundaries for each space and let each of them serve a specific purpose. Let each furniture or area serve a dual purpose. For instance, the back of the door can get used for hanging coats and having a shoe closet near the door. Let the kitchen dining table serve the obvious purpose and the storage too. Have a Sofa cum bed that can have a dual purpose as well and having an instant reach drawer by the side. 

Do Something With The Unused Spaces: 

You have to look out for every corner around the house for seeing the spaces that you made for some purpose, but now that corner is just a waste or no more use. You can turn up your corners for the study or laptop table. You can use the space above your fridge that can have a basket that stores all the cutlery that you don’t use often.

Expand Your Storage Vertically Instead Of Horizontal:

Vertically expanding the storage will not take much of the floor area. And tall and narrow storage spaces are more efficient with the small place. One of the best ideas that you can use is a new bed that holds up in the wall and serves the purpose of the sofa as well as a couch and has side storage. 


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