Here’s How Personalized Wall Art Can Improve Your Mood



Nine out of 10 Americans believe that home decors can affect their mood — whether positively or negatively. So if you choose the right personalized wall art, viewing it can actually enhance your emotions. But how does it impact your mental well-being? This article aims to shed light on this topic.

Art As A Way To Relieve Stress

Art therapy has long been acknowledged in the medical field. However, it’s not only creating art that can bring forth great benefits to people — just by viewing artworks, you can actually help relieve feelings of stress and anxiety.

Taking the time to look at a certain art piece — may it be a collector’s item from a renowned artist or a personalized wall art — can make your brain feel more relaxed. Because this seemingly simple act can provide moments of relief, you can use it as a way to enhance your focus and get back to your task with a clearer mind.

It’s also helpful especially when you’re coming home after a long, tiring day. Art decors can “declutter” your mind and make you somehow escape from whatever it is that’s stressing you out.

Art As A Source Of Inspiration

An artwork is inspired by the creator’s feelings, experiences or his or her outlook of a certain event or phenomenon. More than being appreciative of the artist’s craft, an artwork can also spark an inspiration within its audience.

Especially if it’s a piece that you yourself have personalized, it can evoke certain emotions that can kick off your own creative process. It’s no wonder why many work-from-home professionals tend to decorate their working space with at least one piece of decorative wall art.

The Role of Colors

Personalized wall arts have several subjects and themes. While others feature natural elements, others showcase the owner’s own photos and motivational statements. Apart from this core aspect, the colors that dominate a certain wall art also play a huge role in ensuring the viewer’s mood.

For instance, the color green is perceived to bring rejuvenation and clarity. Light shades of blue, on the other hand, has a calming effect. Yellow is a cheerful color that represents sunshine. If you want to evoke feelings of compassion and charity, pink and other light shades of red can do the trick.

How To Choose The Right Personalized Wall Art

Given the therapeutic appeal of wall arts, how do you effectively personalize yours

First and foremost, you have to choose your material and framing. Wall arts come in different sizes and styles — and can be made from different materials. They can be canvas or acrylic prints, metal or wood wall arts. Framing designs also vary (e.g. Curvy, modern-looking, metallic, rustic, etc.). Choose the one that best suits your subject and the look of your space.

More importantly, you also have to select a subject or theme. Do you want to opt for landscapes or cityscapes? Do you want your wall art to memorialize a certain memory, like the birthday of your child? Or do you simply want to make a bold statement with minimal art elements? Whatever your choice is, make sure that it also fits your personality.


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