How fashion dictates you?

In a civilized society, your appearance dictates your personality. You are who you are because of what you wear. That is why the fashion industry is booming like never before. The fashion industry now comes with different ideas to present you to the world in a way that is different from every other human on this planet. This is to make you unique. But the biggest problem with the global fashion industry is that they are so much expensive than normal middle-class people cannot even think of buying attire from a designer.

12Tees and it’s an offer

So what is the solution to the expensive designer problem you may ask? The Answer is very simple to be a designer of your clothes. That is to say, design your clothes, now you may argue that you are not qualified enough to design your clothes but here is what 12Tees, a clothing line and a jacket producing company, has to offer.

12Tees and the new world of jackets

12Tees has come up with the idea that the customers can wear whatever they like that is why they are giving the customers that means you to choose the material of your jacket, the position of your graphic design if you want to put any, you can even select the color, position of pockets if you want any. 12Tees not only offers personal jacket creation for the customers but they also bulk orders of customized jackets in case of a corporate meeting to make your team different from every other company, or even for any program as well.

The options available when customizing your jacket are–

  1. Material or fabric– They offer different types of fabric like Micro Taslan, Micro Peach skin, Polyester, Comb Twill, Comb Twill tough, etc.
  2. Graphics– 12Tees is providing their customers to add any graphics of their choice at any place in a jacket they want.
  3. The neck of the jacket– 12Tees, in fact, is giving the customers a choice to select the neck of the jacket as well. It can be round high, or without neck, all the choices in the world are open for the customers.

So if you want nobody to dictate who you are, then it is time to Design your own attire. So contact 12Tees to get more information and start designing.

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