How to Beat An Escape Room Game?

Escape Room Puzzles offer players a rich storyline, a one-in-a-million experience, and a sequence of exciting puzzles to solve. They are tough to beat, but when done right, it’s only a matter of time until you figure it out, and it can be pretty fun and adventurous. It is even more exciting when you have your friends, family, or colleagues on your side, and they are all prepared for a challenge.

Moreover, these virtual escape room games are gaining popularity throughout the globe, where millions of game enthusiasts and thrill-seekers are curious to dip their toes into the water to test their skills.

Level up your problem-solving skills and crush every escape room puzzle online with our tried and tested tips for a sure-fire win.


The Ultimate Guide To Beating Escape Room Puzzles Online

Digital escape room games have exploded on the Internet recently, as more and more people explore ways to turn the level of fun and excitement to an all-time high. They are a series of quick games and quite different from in-person escape rooms. But one thing is for sure – their ultimate goal is FUN!

Check our top tips for beating any virtual escape room game:

Communicate Communicate Communicate

Whether you are examining clues or even trying to solve the puzzle, always remember to communicate with your team members. There is no bad idea, so speak up when you feel something is worth exploring.

Not only this, it’s much easier to talk during escape room puzzles online than in the physical one. Even if you miss out on something, you can always check back in with them. Communication ensures smooth gameplay, making it the perfect option for corporate team-building activities.

Trust The Game Guide

Your game guide plays an integral role in any digital escape room puzzle. Use the game guide to explore various visible objects and search for more clues upon entering the room.

To stay ahead of the game, it’s essential to gather more clues. When everything seems too chaotic, it’s better to slow down, take a deep breath, and tackle the puzzle with a fresh perspective.

Don’t Hesitate When Asking For A Hint

There is no shame in asking for little help sometimes, right?

Escape Room Puzzles are full of different mysteries and riddles, which are pretty fun to solve most of the time. Though, at times, you might end up getting stuck. Don’t get frustrated. Instead, simply ask for a hint.

Get The Prep Work In

All digital escape rooms are accessible through Zoom. Twelve hours before the game begins, you will receive an email including your Zoom credentials. Hence, it’s always best to download Zoom ahead of time, ensuring an on-time login.

Also, make sure to get some split-screen magic going so you can comfortably play on your laptop or computer for long hours. After downloading Zoom and logging in, pull up an internet tab to split your screen. This allows you to view the Zoom window and the game dashboard simultaneously. Now that you have got two monitors, use them for the ultimate experience.


Ready To Play?

With the above tips, you are ready to tackle any Escape Room Puzzles that come your way.

You can either play with your very own team or join one of the hundreds of groups from across the globe. Either way, we are sure you will have an epic adventure. Visit Lock Paper Scissors for the best Escape Room Puzzle Games available online.

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