Making peace after a fight Here’s how thanks to these 3 tricks

Love isn’t all roses and flowers . It often has thorns . Thorns which, if not removed from time to time, can generate discrepancies. These unresolved misunderstandings lead, in most cases, to an argument . Quarrels , if not properly clarified, lead to a real breakup with no return . you can join the Serious Lesbians relationship site.

Whether they are between established or newly formed couples, they often degenerate and push people to say things about their partner that they don’t even remotely think but that have now been said . To overcome the bad moments with your partner , you need to follow some small steps.

So here are five tricks to make peace and build a relationship based on respect and openness .

Use peaceful tones

When you are angry, it is normal to feel like yelling, attacking the other person and pouring out all your frustration on them. But be careful! Raising your voice is never the right solution .

Indeed, unrestrained insulting increases the stress of the couple and increases the feeling of conflict that, at that moment, exists between the partners.

Therefore, using calm and calm tones will help both of you to think better and not to feel further pressure, so as to dose the words and avoid misunderstandings with no way out.

It is therefore good to count to ten and rework your thoughts before shouting them at your partner. Calm is the virtue of the strong.

Be sweet and playful

Being sweet or playful will surely soften the spirits.

A joke to play down can certainly help and release tension, while a gentle and reassuring word is a great trick to create a calmer atmosphere .

The couples who manage to play down the most difficult situations are in fact the ones who survive the most. A pinch of irony and a slight sarcasm – without exaggerating, however – can help to make peace. Visit

A sweet gesture, such as a caress, a tender kiss, or a hug can help smooth out momentary differences. And to find that spark that made you fall in love and stay together.

A popular saying goes: “More bees are attracted with a drop of honey than with a barrel of vinegar.” So it’s better to be lovable than sour.

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Being two: it is forbidden to involve other people

Life as a couple is so called precisely because it is made up of two people. You two . So avoid asking for help or outside advice.

Talk to someone to let off steam, yes. But asking someone else how to behave, better not.

It is good to focus on your feelings and desires, without requiring an external view that would only end up creating more confusion.

Most of the time you happen to confide in your girlfriends or your friends about problems with your partner, right? Well, despite their advice, you always act on your own .

Then keep it up, and don’t consider what other people tell you. The best way to stop arguing is to talk to your partner. Do not involve other people, especially if they are family members.

Listen to your inner self and you will understand what the solution to the fight is. Follow your instincts but above all compare yourself with the person you love.

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