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Although some nurseries prefer to schedule visits, it is important to be able to enter the area where babies are staying so you can see how they are accommodated, if there are individual cribs and windows to ventilate the room. Environment (colds will be inevitable, but it is always good to know that children are not confined to a completely enclosed place). The use of the early childcare centres in Botany can be very useful now.

  • Ask the school board how many teachers or nursers there are per baby, and what kind of training professionals has. Up to 1 year old, it is ideal to have at least one professional for every three babies.
  • Here’s how the baby’s on-site adaptation phase works – it is preferable that about two weeks before you return to work, the adaptation can begin with your baby staying on site for a few hours a day.

Keep an eye on overall cleanliness – check the kitchen facilities (many babies have a meal or two in the nursery), where the children are bathed or changed, and even the condition of the toys scattered around. With the daycare centres botany/flatbush this is important now.

Ask what the school’s procedure in case of illness is

It may even be inconvenient for working parents if the school prohibits the child’s attendance at the facility in case of fever; On the other hand, this type of procedure shows that the principal is concerned with the students’ health and seeks to avoid the spread of contagious diseases. No parent wants to see their sick child all the time.

Make sure there are places for professionals to wash their hands frequently and if children are confined in very small spaces on cold or rainy days.

Ideally, there is no mixing of babies with older children, and nursery staff do not care for other children because the illnesses differ according to age. Also see if the school requires a copy of the vaccination card at the time of enrollment.

We have no recommendations. How to find the right place?

A good nursery should be open to parents, have a receptive climate, and be known above all for caring for babies.

When visiting a new place, see if you can talk to a mother or two who have children there to get a better idea of ​​the advantages and possible disadvantages. Do not be shy and ask direct questions, after all you will leave your most precious possession in the hands of others. In this case you can go for the flat bush/ botany childcare kindergartens now.

Trust your instinct and your first impressions

  • Does the little school look clean? 
  • Quiet? 
  • Are the children you see busy and happy? 
  • Is the smell coming out of the kitchen delicious? 
  • Can you imagine your son playing there?

What activities should a nursery offer?

Of course, it depends on the age of the children, but the best nurseries have a well-structured curriculum that includes physical activities, play, rest time, group and individual activities, and meals. They aim to stimulate the child’s development and introduce themes and concepts, although in their eyes everything seems to be a joke.

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