Why is Online Therapy Right For You?

Online therapy may not be considered as effective as one-on-one therapy sessions. But it has proven to have many benefits that make it an easier solution to improve your mental health in this modern era.

If you’re in a dilemma whether or not online teletherapy Chicago is right for you, you need to consider these benefits:

You can communicate more comfortably

Unlike conventional therapy, the online therapy sessions offer you the freedom to interact with your therapist from your home or office, or even while wearing pajamas and sipping your favorite cup of coffee.

Online therapy can be as per your requirements

Online you can easily find the right therapist matching your requirements to help you sort challenges in your career or lifestyle. Inner Voice therapists are experienced to offer you custom mental health solutions and diagnosis, depending on your unique challenges.


Online therapy is cost-effective compared to traditional therapy, where you need an additional fee to bureaucracy and resources to help you find the right therapist. But with the online system, things have become a lot more simpler – as you can directly contact the therapist by visiting their official website.

Online therapy is confidential

In some communities, if someone is seen visiting a therapist, he/she is judged and may even become a subject to gossip. That’s why many people in the past used to avoid going to a therapist. But this is not an issue with online therapy, as you can see your therapist from the comfort of your home without even stepping out. So, there’s no chance of such judgemental face-offs.

Professional online therapists Chicago

Inner Voice helps you get in touch with highly experienced and professional online therapists in Chicago. Farah Hussain Baig is one of their best psychotherapists, who loves to work with individuals and couples dealing with communication or other problems in life.

She has worked in different areas of residential treatment, community mental health, and employee assistance. She trained in various therapeutic modalities including Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Certification in EMDR Therapy (Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing), and Acceptance Commitment Therapy (ACT).

So far, Farah has helped many individuals and couples to come out of serious mental health disorders, such as exposure to violence and trauma, behavioral addictions, and struggle with alcohol or drug abuse.

Need the help of a therapist to come out of your current mental state? You may contact the best therapists online by contacting here:

Phone: 312.620.1420

Fax: 312.345.8444

Email: info@innervoicepc.com

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