7 of the Best Sugar-free CBD Edibles Available Online

The CBD industry is literally becoming uncontrollable, as we see the emergence of different CBD products. Designed to provide an alternative to all people, CBD edibles are some of the products that have also received widespread adoption across the country. The reality is that CBD edibles provide a longer-lasting effect compared to CBD syrup and CBD oil. Therefore, CBD consumers are tempted to go for the best CBD gummies. Do you crave CBD edibles? Have you tried sugar-free CBD edibles? As the name suggests, sugar-free CBD edibles are designed for people who for one reason or another, want to avoid eating CBD edibles that contain sugar. So, which are some of the best sugar-free CBD edibles available in the market? Let us have a quick look at some CBD edibles, which suit CBD consumers who prefer a sugar- free treat.

  • Kiva Petra Mints

Kiva Petra Mints are one of the best sugar-free CBD edibles available online. Kiva Petra Mints combine fresh citrus flavor with the notes of lemon and lime. The perfect combination gives a sharp and fruity flavor, for that relaxing effect upon consumption. Kiva Petra Mints feature California’s first micro-dosed cannabis and it is infused with mint. Therefore, it is a good choice for CBD consumers that are looking for a refreshing effect of CBD but do not want sugary treats. Kiva Petra Mints are made vegan and contain natural plant-derived extracts of CBD.

  • CBD infused Sugar-free Gummies

A product of Eden’s Gate CBD, these CBD infused sugar-free gummies are correctly infused with pharmaceutical-grade CBD and contain no traces of THC. CBD infused sugar-free gummies feature one of the finest extracts from naturally grown hemp. CBD infused sugar-free gummies are made and sold by a licensed pharmacist. CBD infused sugar-free gummy bears have a low dosage of CBD and it is a sugar-free CBD treat. Each container comes with 25 CBD infused sugar-free gummies. The ingredients used include broad-spectrum hemp extract, artificial coloring, vegetable oil and citric acid among other ingredients. On dosage, the recommended dose is one to five CBD infused sugar-free gummies per day as needed. However, remember to seek guidance on the correct dosage of CBD infused sugar-free gummies from a registered doctor.

  • Om Elixirs CBD

Om Elixirs CBD is made using AC/DC flowers and a concentrate of AC/DC making the CBD OM Elixirs a full spectrum CBD. To make Om Elixirs CBD, the manufacturers use MCT oil derived from organic coconuts, while taking care during the infusion process to preserve the color, odor, and flavor. Om Elixirs CBD can be enjoyed plain, or added to food, or even taken with the beverage of your choice. Om Elixirs CBD is activated with a full-spectrum CBD and features Coconut oil and Sun-grown CBD, featuring a perfect cannabis concentrate.

  • Level Protabs

Level Protabs are vegan and gluten-free CBD that is orally consumed. The CBD concentrate features extra strength and it is a fast-acting CBD edible. This sugar-free CBD edible is infused with steam and features distilled hybrid terpenes that help with stimulating the mind and body. The ingredients added to Level Protabs include magnesium stearate, croscarmellose, and microcrystalline cellulose.

  • Kiva Confections Cannabis-Infused Camino Gummies

Made by Kiva confections, these are artisan gummies featuring El Camino and named after the gorgeous landscapes of El Camino in California. Camino Gummies are sugar-free CBD edibles that feature a perfect sensation. These CBD infused gummies boast perfect extracts from the hemp plantations in California. Tried and tested, Kiva Confections Cannabis-Infused Camino Gummies are the perfect choice for people experiencing pain around the joints or muscles. It is excellent for a happy mood as it comes with a relaxing effect. Kiva Confections Cannabis-Infused Camino Gummies come with no THC traces so they do not make you feel “high.”

  • Balance CBD

Balance CBD is one of the sugar-free CBD edibles available in two different strengths. One packet is available in 10 mg while the other provides 25 mg of CBD. Balance CBD features squishy candies with no sweeteners added. It is THC free and features truly amazing flavors. These CBD Gummies have undergone third-party testing and are created using the highest standards to ensure the preservation of flavor and potency.

  • Charlotte’s Web

Charlotte’s Web makes sugar free CBD edibles that are perfect for calming and provide relief from pain. Charlotte’s Web gummies feature natural fruits and vegetables and there are no sweeteners added to make them. These sugar-free CBD edibles are available in different flavors and feature a broad spectrum extract of hemp. Charlotte’s Web gummies provide a great taste, although they are a bit pricey.

Sugar-free CBD gummies provide several benefits and are perfect for people who are determined to avoid sweeteners in CBD. Enjoy any of the above sugar-free CBD treats at an amazing price. They are available online and provide high-value for your money.

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