Clearing a Rental Property: Why a Biohazard Cleaning Company is the Right Choice

While the majority of your past tenants have taken care of your rental properties, one recent eviction has left you with quite a mess to clean up. In fact, you’re not sure that your usual approach to cleaning after a tenant vacates the premises is sufficient. This one will call for help from a highly trained team from a local biohazard cleaning company. Here are some reasons why the latter approach is the most practical solution.

There’s So Much to Remove 

The sheer enormity of clearing out the space and then having it cleaned is like nothing you’ve ever experienced. That’s because the evicted tenant turned out to be a hoarder. Between all the things left behind and the terrible odor that you can smell even before entering the space, you know this is not going to be a routine cleaning job. This will call for skills that are beyond what you normally need to prepare a space for the next tenant. 

You Have No Idea What’s Below the Top Layer

You can only see the top layer of what’s got to be removed from the space. There’s no telling what can be found underneath. What you can see is disgusting enough; you can bet that anything below the top level will be at least as disgusting. This is definitely a job that’s best left in the hands of professionals who are prepared to handle just about anything. 

Knowing Where to Get Rid of Things Isn’t Always Easy

Even after the space is cleared, what will you do with all the discards? Some things can be safely taken to a landfill. Others will need to be disposed of using some other approach. Do you know what those approaches happen to be? How would you go about making the arrangements? If you leave the cleanup to a professional team from a biohazard cleanup company, they will know exactly what to do with every item removed from the space. 

Don’t Forget About Dealing with Pets or Wild Life Amongst the Debris

One thing that you need to keep in mind about hoarders: they don’t necessarily occupy the space by themselves. There may be pets tucked away among all the debris. Those will need to be captured and taken to a local shelter for treatment and hopefully a chance to go home with people who will take proper care of them. 

There could also be wild animals or reptiles somewhere in all that debris. What would you do if you came in contact with something wild? Fortunately, professionals are prepared for this type of thing. They will know how to deal with anything that’s wild and protect themselves at the same time. 

The Actual Cleaning Won’t Be Easy Either

Even after all the debris is gone, there’s still the actual cleaning to manage. The team from a local biohazard cleaning company will have everything it takes to ensure each hard surface in the space is disinfected and free of any type of lingering threats. While you will likely need to replace elements like carpeting, window treatments, and maybe some other porous materials or surfaces, the space will be ready for any decorative updates you want to make before trying to rent the property again. 

Cleaning a space after it’s been occupied by someone with a hoarding disorder is not just time-consuming. For the untrained owner, it can also be dangerous. Don’t attempt to clean up the space on your own. Call in a team of professionals and let them take care of the task. In the long run, you come out ahead in more than one way. 

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