Feeling sluggish? How to speed up your mobile device

Although there is no questioning the fact that mobile devices are more powerful than ever these days, experiencing device slowdown is an almost universal experience. We’ve all been there; you’re in the middle of a lengthy gaming session on one of the best NJ online casinos, and all of a sudden your battery drops, and the gameplay slows down. 

For the committed gamers out there, this is a frustrating and all too common experience. But what is happening when your device starts to slow down? Is it merely a matter of needing to upgrade to a new phone, or are there things we can do to make our games run more smoothly?

Thankfully, speeding up your mobile device so you can start to enjoy your online gambling sessions is not at all complicated. You can do a basic spruce up of your aging mobile device in a matter of minutes, which should see you back on track for a live casino session in no time at all!

Clear your cache

The first thing you can do to speed up your floundering mobile device is to clear your cache. Whenever you use your mobile device to run an app, it collects tiny pieces of data. But just like dust, over time, this collects and becomes very noticeable. To stop this cached data from slowing your device down, simply head over to the device settings section of your phone, click the ‘storage’ icon, and select to clear the cached data. Once done, your phone will instantly run a little smoother as apps will now have more space to hold data.

Remove unwanted apps

Another great way of clearing storage on your device to help it run online casino games better is to remove any unwanted apps. That will create more space on your phone, which should help it to better handle graphics and memory-intensive games.Doing this will also increase the overall cybersecurity of your device as it will eliminate spam apps.

Disable animations

Although you might not have even thought about them before, every action you do on your phone is powered by a graphical animation. Whether it is switching apps, launching a new one, or moving across screens, the action is powered by an animation. And although these look nice, they are quite intensive in terms of the CPU demands they place on your device. To save this extra power to put to use in your favorite online casino games, simply head over to the settings and disable any unwanted animations you don’t want running. The best thing is, once disabled, you will barely even notice they are gone!

Remove widgets

There is no doubting the usefulness of having widgets on the home screen of your mobile device, and they are a great way to seamlessly check the weather, open apps, or to play your favorite song. However, these widgets come at a hefty price in terms of the overall performance of your mobile phone. If you have noticed slow down when playing graphics-heavy casino games, these widgets running in the background could be the culprit. To get rid of them, simply delete them from your home screen and enjoy the benefits immediately!


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