Four Types of Toys to Give as Gifts This Year

Finding the perfect gift for a kid can be difficult. Children usually have a broad range of interests, so there are a lot of options that would be great but narrowing them down can be difficult. Those who are looking for gift ideas might want to try one of these categories. They’re sure to be a hit with just about any kid and can help the kids grow. 

Pretend Play for Younger Kids

For preschool-aged kids, pretend play items are a fantastic choice. Larger gift ideas include pretend kitchens, dolls with accessories, and pretend appliances that look like they work. Other ideas include dress-up clothes, a toy shopping cart, or pretend makeup. Pretend play offers a ton of benefits to kids and allows them to learn more about the world around them by acting out what they have seen. They may pretend to buy groceries and learn about how to make healthy food choices or pretend to take care of a baby and learn what it means to be a parent. 

STEM Educational Toys

STEM stands for science, technology, engineering, and math. Any toys that fall into these categories are going to be educational toys and there are options for kids of any age, from infant to teen. Popular STEM toys include engineering kits to learn how to build something, math-based games, or science experiment kits, and the prices can range from minimal to expensive, depending on the options chosen. These are easily available from stores like Big Whale, so it’s possible to easily find educational toys that kids will love. 

Hobby-Related Toys

Hobby-related toys like drones can be an excellent choice for older kids. It is important to choose the right drone for a kid and to make sure they’re old enough to use it either one their own or with help. However, there is a lot that kids can learn from drones and it could foster interest in a hobby they’ll enjoy for a very long time. There are options that are less expensive that just include the basics as well as ones that can be very expensive that include high-quality cameras and other top-of-the-line features. 

Board Games and Card Games

Most kids are going to enjoy being able to play board games and card games with the family, so this can be an excellent choice. With a resurgence of interest in board games over the last few years, there have been tons of new ones created. It’s possible to find ones that fit a specific theme the kid might be interested in or that the entire family will enjoy playing again and again. There are also options for everyone, from young children to adults. 

Figuring out what to buy as a gift for a child can be hard, but the options in these categories are always a hit. Take a little time to think about what the kid might be interested in, then check out toys in these categories. You’ll be able to find the perfect gifts in no time. 

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