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Pvp serverler .. My first entry into my life is not even a chinese character support latin patch on my computer because of the writing ???? Silkroad Online pvp Servers, which appeared in the form was the beginning of a period. You ask why? When someone got the first game files, the demo version or pre-made and unopened sections were generally available in this game. While the European Silkroad Online players were playing 80 Cap, the maximum level limit was 80 ken on this pvp server, and when I installed it on my computer, the first thing I did was take a horse and go to the new location I saw on the map and I remember getting excited when I saw GOAT. I didn’t forget to write a message to show my friends and buy Screen Shots. In addition to pvp servers, there are separate legal servers where these games are tried. Again, if we give an example through silkroad, the whole world played ISRO as well as KSRO legal which was played only in South Korea and actually offered the opportunity to experiment and it was present on the servers which were at least 6-10 months update from the server used by the whole world. As a matter of fact, I’ve put up with all the trouble KSRO’da also experienced many excitement points. I’m glad to see that there are events called Event that will come to us after 1 year. I even played this game for a while but I was bored and I understood that people who wrote articles at least in Latin alphabet even. If there are 1000 people in the game like me, there were probably 10 people who do not know Korean and this was not enough for us, we have made the return to private servers during this time we have gained experience.

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