Here’s Why You Should Get A Roof Inspection Every Year

If you want to maximize your roof’s lifespan, you shouldn’t just focus on properly installing it. As a Hanover PA roofing would recommend, an annual roof inspection is key.

Roof inspection entails determining the structural integrity of your roofing system. Through special procedures, professional roofers will be able to tell you how long your roof will last and when it’s already due for replacement.

Benefits of Regular Roof Inspection

A professional Hanover PA roofing inspection is completed by checking different aspects. These include the general condition of the roofing material, the exterior roof structure, the roofing system’s internal condition, and the ceilings’ condition under the attic. Because of such a comprehensive inspection, you will be able to reap several benefits.

You will prolong the life of your roof. Keeping your roof’s health in check is a tried-and-tested way of boosting its usable lifespan. Just make sure to hire credible roofers so you can guarantee a well-accomplished inspection.

You will be able to fix issues before they get worse. If you want to be more cost-effective when managing your residential property, one of the things you can do is have your roof — one of the most exposed parts of your home — inspected yearly. This way, professionals can identify damages early on and apply necessary solutions.

You will be able to expose potential hazards. In case you’re not aware of it yet, debris in your roof can cause fire accidents when exposed to dangerous conditions. You can check if your roof has hazards like this when you regularly conduct professional inspections.

You will get peace of mind. Having a structurally sound roofing system is a security blanket that can give you that much-needed peace of mind. As your home is where you should feel the safest, you shouldn’t think twice when it comes to shelling out money for your property’s upkeep — and that includes roof inspection and maintenance.

Why Leave it to the Pros?

Apart from safety reasons, having Hanover PA roofing professionals inspect your roof is much more cost-effective. These experts have the experience, skills, and equipment to properly and comprehensively check your roof’s condition. They also have a trained eye that will determine if there are any repairs — both major or minor — needed.

Professional roofers can also issue a certificate of inspection you may use for whatever purpose it may serve (e.g., you’re selling your home and want to prove your roof’s quality condition). Depending on where you’re located, this certificate can be valid for two to five years.

When looking for an inspector, look for a roof inspection specialist. Home inspectors are not specifically skilled to check your roof for possible signs of damage.

When Else Should You Inspect Your Roof?

Apart from the annual inspection, experts recommend inspecting your roof following major weather disturbances. For instance, after a hurricane, you’d need to check if your roof has been damaged or there’s a pool of water that needs to be removed.

Inspection is also due after a new roof is installed and before selling your home.
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