How Carpet Cleaning Can Impact Your Indoor Air Quality

The decision to install long lasting carpet is made to provide your friends and family with a soft, warm, familiar surface upon which to live, play, and relax as you lounge about or entertain. But the thing about your carpet is that you need to be sure you maintain it properly or that floor covering meant to make living in your home more fun and luxurious can impact everyone’s health in severely negative ways.

Simply put, if you don’t clean your carpet on a routine basis you are inviting the growth of bacteria and germs as your carpet will begin to collect a whole range of allergens and contaminants that can threaten to greatly reduce your home’s indoor air quality.

Now it’s true that carpets can actually be doing you a service by capturing all of those airborne toxins and allergens and collecting them so you don’t breathe the into your lungs. However, you must remember to call your local carpet cleaning glendale az to have an expert clean your carpet to eradicate all of those unhealthy elements.

If you fail to clean your carpet, you can start to re-introduce all of those allergens trapped in the carpet back into the air, allowing you and your family to breathe them in and triggering allergic reactions, respiratory illnesses, and skin irritation.

So, get that carpet cleaned, here are the ways it can impact your indoor air quality:

Immune System Benefits

The dirtier your carpet becomes, the more of a health hazard it can become. This can have a significant negative impact on your health because inhaling all of the allergens and contaminants that get stuck in your carpet can be make you sick.

With your body’s immune system being forced to ward off the illnesses that might come from breathing in these things, it is forced to work harder than normal to keep you healthy. But if you clean your carpets and eliminate all of those harmful toxins, you reduce the risks of getting sick and your immune system can do its job without needing to work overtime.

Dust Mites

Nothing like having small organisms living inside of your carpet. Oh, that’s right, there are things residing in the carpeting and relieving themselves as well. Dust mites are disgusting, they leave behind fecal matter and body parts, all of it accumulating inside the fibers of your nice, plush, carpet that your kids are playing on right now.

Professional carpet cleaning can remove all of those dust mites and their droppings so you and your family aren’t stepping in and lying on it. No one wants to play in fecal material and body parts. That sounds like something you’d expect in a horror movie, not the living room where you and your family relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Even worse, if you allow all that filth to collect in your carpeting you can start to kick it up into the air each time you step on the surface of the fibers. That means you’re now breathing in all that feces and body parts. Ewwww.

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