Facebook has become one of the top social media platforms online. As a result, there have been a number of Facebook advertising agency aimed at assisting small and large businesses with their campaigns.

Why should you invest in a Facebook ad campaign?

The big question is that why should an entrepreneur utilize Facebook as a means of selling their products and services to potential customers online. Of course, there will always be a learning curve; however, experts have commented on how Facebook ad campaigns have the potential to expand the customer base of a business, as well as increase their sales.

With the technological advancements these days, digital marketing is slowly taking over traditional marketing. The bottom line is that since more and more people are now spending their time online, the best way to find customers is to promote your business through platforms that are typically frequented by people.

Since Facebook is considered as the Number 1 social media platform as of this decade, it makes sense to invest in a Facebook advertising agency.

What are the different types of Facebook ads?

To truly master the art of digital marketing, you must first determine the different types of Facebook ads. Over the years, Facebook has experimented with a number of advertising options. These are the top ads that continue to stick around:

Promoted Posts

One thing that you should take into account is that whenever you would post an ad on Facebook or other social media platforms, it does not guarantee you that the post will reach your entire fan base. If you want to reach every potential consumer, it will cost you money.

 Sponsored Stories

Stories provide a different way of having your users engage in a particular post. These ads would appear on a timeline of a user if a friend has recently engaged with a particular company.

Page Posts Ads

These types of ads are typically seen on a user’s newsfeed. It is also known as native advertising because these ads appear and would blend seamlessly into the newsfeed of a user, like any regular post.

 Marketplace Ads

Marketplace ads are considered as the most basic ads. These are the types of ads that are considered by small to medium-sized businesses. If you are starting out on using digital ads, this is a good option for you.

Remember, even with all of the skills and technical abilities a digital marketer should have, achieving a super active user base entails that you invest in a Facebook advertising agency.

There are a number of approaches available to a marketer when it comes to social media ads. The most common approach for most people is the calculated approach. However, this is not provided to you for free.

Nonetheless, you can ensure that there will be noticeable results. By investing in Facebook ad campaigns, you will see growth in the level of user engagement and the number of followers and subscribers of your business social media page.

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