How To Choose The Best Color or Theme For Your Outdoor Furniture

You’ve recently upgraded the interior of your home — congratulations! But looking from the outside, you realize that your exterior is yet to keep up in terms of aesthetics. And upon inspecting your outdoors, you also notice that there are actually a lot more to work on, like looking for replacement slings for patio chairs.

Outdoor furniture play a crucial role in revamping the look and functionality of your exterior. In here, we’re giving you some tips on how to choose the best color or theme for these important pieces.

Select a theme that harmonizes with the design of your home

The look of your patio shouldn’t overpower the overall exterior design of your home; rather, it should complement and enhance it.

As a basic rule, you should select the theme of your outdoor space depending on the theme of your house. If your home is traditional-looking, you should go for an outdoor theme that uses warm, natural colors. If it has a more modern, contemporary design, choose outdoor furniture pieces that are sleek and elegant in style.

Match the color of your patio pavers or composite decking

To make it easier for you to choose your outdoor furniture, take a cue from the color of your patio pavers or your composite decking.

If you want to create visual depth, matching your furniture with the natural tones of these portions of your patio will do the trick. For instance, if your patio is light in color, choose furniture with hues of light mocha or white.

You can also choose to be more “daring” by adding a splash of bold color. Just keep in mind that you shouldn’t go overboard with this idea and end up “overwhelming” your patio with strong-hued facilities. It’s better to consult a professional when doing this one.

Choose pieces of furniture with functionality (and budget) in mind

Aesthetics is indeed an important aspect you should consider when designing your patio. But it shouldn’t compromise the functionality of this space. Keep in mind the activities you usually do in this portion of your house (e.g. Dining, hosting get-together’s). Don’t put too many pieces to the point that they already serve as a hindrance to the access to and around your patio.

Furthermore, make sure that you choose furniture that are comfortable and durable. If you’ll use wood, find one that is weather-resistant. If you’ll go for plastic, limit your color choices as this material is something you can’t paint on later.

You should also go easy in spending your budget when enhancing your outdoors. Be resourceful and creative. For example, instead of buying brand-new chairs, you can opt to look for replacement slings for patio chairs.

Put only up to two pieces of furniture to serve as your focal point

As mentioned earlier, overwhelming your patio is a no-no. Keep things simple by only putting up to pieces of furniture that will serve as your focal point. It could be a table or a pair of chairs. If you don’t want to have furniture as your central piece, your other options can include a painting or a decorative art wall, or a set of well-designed plants.

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