How To Pick The Right Ammo For Your Hunting Trip

Like how painters use the best brushes to craft artistic strokes or how chefs use the best knives to dish out perfectly-cut meats, hunters should also be equipped with the best ammo when they go on a hunting trip.

As they need a variety of gears for different purposes and hunting environments, enthusiasts tend to look for cheap bulk ammunition offers to save on money. The quest to buy bulk ammo is a natural one that comes to everyone often enough. But once they scout a place where they can buy their ammo at the most competitive price, one question remains — how do they pick the right one? If you’re one of those people who have this question, then this read is for you.

What Determines Ballistic Performance

When you study physics or when you’re into guns and firearm weapons, one of the terminologies you will frequently hear is “ballistics.” By textbook definition, this refers to the field of mechanics involving an object’s launch, flight behavior and effects or impact on the object it will hit.

Bullet makers design their products cleverly to deliver the best ballistic performance possible. One thing they give special attention to is the consistency of materials used. If their weight and thickness are consistent, the user of the ammo can expect a more accurate shooting performance.

They also create different shapes for different purposes. For instance, long and pointed bullets are made to be more resistant to air drag, giving them the capacity to fly longer distances and make greater impacts on the landing area.

The Importance of Terminal Performance

However, all this doesn’t stop in ballistic performance; the so-called terminal performance is just as important. Of course, you’d want to land a kill as a hunter and not just slightly wound your target (to the point that they can still escape and run away from you).

When you shop for cheap bulk ammunition, it’s vital to ask about the ammo’s terminal performance. And this can be determined by the weight and construction of the bullet. If you will notice, sleek and pointed bullets usually have hollow noses; this is to allow the bullet to penetrate through the target. If the bullet is a flat-nosed one, its tip should have the right amount of toughness and tapering jacket feature to ensure optimal expansion and impact.

Factors You Need To Take Into Account

As mentioned, bullets with different design, shape, and construction affect both ballistic and terminal performance. If you’re stopping by an ammo store, don’t forget to take these two more important factors in mind.

Bullet Weight. The general rule here is the lighter the bullet, the faster and flatter its trajectory will be. If you want to have a bullet with higher energy, you should opt for heavier bullets.

Bullet Caliber. The caliber or size of the bullet refers to its diameter. When buying ammunition, make sure that the bullet caliber matches with the diameter of your guns’ barrel.

When looking for the best ammo, you should also consult with a store’s in-house gun expert and communicate with them what your intent or purpose is. They would typically know what bullet would you exactly need depending on the kind of environment you will be having on your next hunting trip.

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