Is nature good for your health

Is nature good for your health? Many people say yes. But how can you enjoy nature to the full? And how can it be accessible to you?

Some people have little opportunity to enjoy nature and benefit from it due to their location, commitments or disabilities. And at work, it may be that the office has a yard or some grass but no one really has the time for it. Maybe at home you are too tired to think about the messy garden.
Is there a solution? Maybe there is. If you have a garden or some grass, it is possible to have it landscaped to encourage wildlife and to be a little bit of nature just for you.

People have benefitted from a wildlife garden at home and office workers find a little break among nature in their own wildlife garden a relief from stress and pressure.
So how is a garden landscaped to be nature friendly and what are the benefits? There are experts out there who offer landscaping services that benefit and encourage wildlife services, often they have friendly advice to offer, so why not get in touch?

The benefits of nature in your work and everyday life include:

  • Happiness and calm
  • Relaxation and relief from stress
  • An enjoyable view

It is believed that nature’s calming effect and enjoyment can lead to better mental and emotional health, less stress, more enjoyment and quality of life, leading to a reduction in blood pressure, breathing problems and migraines, for example. And getting into the habit of being out in nature or being part of nature, for example working in the garden, can have long term benefits including better muscle tone, better mental health, increased lung capacity and a happier outlook on life.

Imagine at work, the difference between sitting in a canteen or having lunch at your desk or the usual cafe, and sitting on a bench in a garden where butterflies and bees move among the buddleia and Lilac and the birds sing in the background as you watch the fish and mayfly in the pond? I am sure you can see how your day and your feelings would be brighter. And at home, if you can’t get out to the nearest park, imagine your own little wildlife park and how you can actually relax and breathe in and feel better as you are one with nature and taking part in its creation and maintenance. Here is a good article about the benefits to you of nature gardening:

So if you want to overcome your barrier to nature and better health and wellbeing, contact landscaping services that offer specialist nature gardening services. You can also take a look at some of the ideas at local nature reserves and onlineyou may find yourself so enthused that you become a volunteer. Thousands of people have testified to the health benefits of being out in nature and the garden and working with plants and wildlife, so hopefully you are becoming enthusiastic about the idea, and if your home or office garden is crying out for a makeover then wildlife landscaping from professional landscaping services could provide you with that healthy happy haven that you dream of. Here is a website that offers some ideas of what landscaping can be done to create a haven for nature and for you.

Good luck, happy gardening and a healthy future.

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