Preparedness, Not Paranoia: the Survivalist Mindset

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With all the bad things happening in the world today, from the coronavirus pandemic to terrorism to natural disasters, we live in a world where survival is at the forefront of people’s minds. 

Unfortunately, while a lot of people want to make it out of a bad situation in one piece, not everyone is equipped with the knowledge and foresight. For instance, we all know that natural disasters are inevitable, yet not all of us are prepared for when they do strike. 

The Prepper’s Mindset

This is where preppers have the upper hand. They pretty much live a lifestyle of preparedness because they realize that crap can hit the fan anytime, and if they’re not prepared for instances like that, it could spell the difference between life and death for them. 

This is not to say that they are paranoid. Their preparedness is not borne out of paranoia but out of the desire to survive and live for as long as they can. 

Most people have this wrong thinking that preppers are all about doom-and-gloom and that they’re complete nutcases and are paranoid. While some preppers fit the description to a T, not all think like that. 

Prepping is just how you choose to look at things. It is a lifestyle for most preppers. It might be just a fad to some people (like the Y2K bug) or a hobby to others. But there is wisdom in being prepared for the worst. 

We’re not talking about wearing camos, eating rations all the time, and communicating using only MSAT G2 PTT radios. That’s another common misconception most folks have about preppers. Instead, we’re talking about situational awareness and the ability to give careful thought and planning for different possible scenarios to ensure survival.

Situational awareness only means you have a better understanding of your circumstances and how you can work your way around it. Settling your debts is preparedness. Taking care of your physical and mental health is preparedness. Providing regular maintenance to your home and car is preparedness. 

Preparedness is all about having the right mindset. Without it, you will only delay the inevitable. 

Start Paying Attention

Situational awareness means you need to pay attention. Pay attention to the things happening around you. Develop the ability to foresee any event or situation that could be a source of problems for you, your area, and even your country. 

The more than you can warn yourself earlier of potential problems and risks, the more prepared you are, the better the chances of you getting through whatever hardship or disaster that comes along your way. 

Don’t be afraid to tell people about what you know, although there is also wisdom in choosing who you share information with. The important thing is that if you need other people to step up and lend a hand, they already know what to do to make the situation better, especially during emergencies. 

Get over your fear that people might think of you as a nutjob, being the prepper that you are. You’d be surprised at how many people are receptive to the idea. Perhaps that’s because they realize the apparent need for preparedness and how valuable it is for survival. 

Your preparedness will determine your chances of surviving and getting through the worst of times. Don’t get caught in a bad situation you can’t get out of just because you don’t have the right mindset. That will be too high a price to pay. 

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