Signs That You Have To Conduct an Eye Exam

We can easily differentiate two types of people that live in this world: the ones that go to eye exams, and the ones that do not. In case that you cannot remember when the last time you went to see an eye doctor was, that is a first sign that you should make an appointment as soon as possible.

It is simple to ignore the fact that you do not have to think about diseases, issues and problems until they appear right in front of you. However, when you are conducting regular checkups, you will reduce the eyesight issues and other problems that may happen with your eye health.

Therefore, before you decide to find the best eye doctor near me, you should understand why eye exams are vital for your future.

Of course, you should not be obsessed with getting help and reach the doctor every single time you feel something awkward, but in general, you have to maintain your eye health as much as you can.

We decided to present you signs that you should follow so that you can determine whether you should visit your eye doctor or not.

  1. Dry Eyes

If you are feeling like you are eyes hurt due to dryness that is the first sign that you should consider a professional help. This particular condition happens due to numerous reasons, but it includes symptom in which you will not have sufficient tears, which will lead to irritations and infections.

Similarly, as we stated in its name, dry eyes can cause you severe discomfort as well as symptoms such as burning sensations, scratchiness, discharge, redness, stinging and pain.

The worst thing that you can do is to avoid these symptoms altogether, because they are vital to your general condition. Have in mind that dry eyes are common problem that can easily progress into a more severe condition if you leave it untreated.

For example, if you let this particular problem to prevail, you will be exposed to potential eye infections. When you reach to the point of getting an eye exam, your doctors will not be able to figure out what is causing everything.

If you are regularly in dry, smoky and windy environments this problem may happen, which is why you should wear glasses or eye protections so that you can avoid extensive dryness.

At the same time, if you are in front of the digital screen for a long time that could also affect the moisture percentage in your eyes. If you wish to prepare yourself for an eye exam, you should check here to learn how to do it.

  1. It Is Getting Harder To See

One of the biggest reasons that your eyes are under attack of some issue is decreased vision. Of course, this particular problem tends to naturally happen as we age, but you should still check with your eye doctor to see whether you should wear glasses or not.

When your vision starts to decline, different things could be problematic along the way. Doctor can prescribe you glasses or update your current prescription so that you can see well than before.

In case that you’re dealing with dry eyes that are blurring your vision, that could lead to severe conditions such as glaucoma, which means that you need to do something about it.

You should have in mind that glaucoma is eye condition that attacks and damages your optic nerve, which is vital for sending visual messages to the brain.

Professionals understand that this particular type of damage tends to happen because of fluid buildup inside your eyes and that created compression to the nerve, but they are not sure why that happens in the first place.

Even though it tends to happen in elders, it can affect anyone based on specific genetic predispositions. Apart from decreased vision, glaucoma can cause patchy blind spots, eye pain, severe headaches, seeing halos around light, blurry vision and eye redness.

At the same time, it can lead to vision loss, which is irreversible. Have in mind that regular eye exam can detect glaucoma and cause loss of eyesight that will affect your eyes as well.

If you notice that your vision got different from before, the first thing you should do is to check with the closest eye doctor so that you can avoid entering into chronic states of severe issues we have mentioned above.


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