Trending Indo-Western Fusion Desserts for Your Wedding

Are you tired of the regular Motichoorladoo or the same old GajarHalwa? These desserts sure have unmatchable taste, but why does one have to serve the aged vanilla or strawberry ice-cream or the regular halwa at the dessert counter?  The worst part, you sure must have tasted unlimited rasgullas or the jamuns if not for the regular halwa and ice creams. And if you leave everything behind and try out a new dessert, you would be left with only a jalebi. It sure is tasty but isn’t it a regular thing that is served in almost all the party halls.

It is after all your wedding, so you want everything to be perfect and unique. To help you move away from the regular and age-old desserts, this article has come up with few of the Indo-Western desserts that would surely leave your guests licking their fingers. So let’s give your taste buds a new twist.

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  •         Indian Chai Ice-Cream

No Indian wedding is complete without a Chai – Tea. So why not give it a new shape and taste. It will surely leave your guests with a twisty experience. Discard the regular vanilla or strawberry ice cream and serve the chai ice cream instead. You will have no clue as to how much your chai lover guests would bless you for the amazing twist.

  •         Sweet Ravioli with LachaRabdi

You sure must have tasted amazing pasta, but have you given a thought about sweet pasta. How about the sweet Ravioli deliciously packed with dry fruits and paneer, disheveled in sugar syrup and presented with the hot or cold rabdi. It sure is a total tasty twist for your guests.

  •         Kiwi Barfi

Who could have imagined the most popular dessert getting an added twist? Your guest would love a unique and healthy combination. Add the kiwi cream to your regular barfi sparkled with dry fruits. It definitely would be a tasty and healthy dessert.

  •         GulabJamun Cheesecake

So if your family forces you to add the regular GulabJamun, worry not. The perfect GulabJamun can be combined in the cheesecake resulting in the most delicious dessert ever. It sure is an East meets West dessert.

  •         Thandai Mousse Cake

The very name, Thandai Mousse Cake would make anyone go crazy. It sure should come with a caution label. It is a heavenly dessert with the syrup of Thandai, deliciously and elegantly spread over the whipped cream with the crunch of the pistachios decorated at the top will make anyone lose their mind. So go for the royalty treat. 


  •         Apple Jalebi

Finally, the Jalebi makes the grand entrance but with a fruity twist. Imagine the delicious crispy and savory but with a healthy twist. Entertaining your guests and at the same time taking care of their health is a noble thought. A great start to your married life.

  •         Oats Sesame Ladoo

It is a healthy dessert not only for kids but also for adults. It sure is very different, but one cannot avoid the health benefits that come with it. If you belong to health-conscious families, then this is a perfect choice.

  •         Peach Phirni

The very name brings ocean loads of water in our mouths. Imagine the rich, creamy and the most flavorful Peach Phirni. It is the royalty dessert and so will be the taste. So be ready to treat your loved ones with this royalty of a dessert.

  •         Baked Boondi Parfait

How about treating your guests with the baked boondi in combination with rabdi? Sounds delicious, right! It is a different and mouth-watering dessert, where if one tastes it, they will not be able to forget it for their lifetime.

  •         Vegan Carrot Halwa Trifle

If you have a problem with non-veg, then this is the perfect dessert for you. It got three layers of carrot halwa, coconut whipped cream and of course the pistachios. This is the best way to double up your delicious dessert in your style and also by your rule.

  •         ThandaiPhirni

How about a twist to a traditional Phirni? A Phirni decorated with heavy nuts served cool will make anyone go deliciously crazy. A treat that is truly a melt in the mouth dessert.



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