When The White Picket Fence Comes Crashing Down

It is a common saying that every little girl dreams of her wedding day from a young age. That she has it planned out her dream wedding to the smallest detail and she wants everything perfect. While this saying is true for some women, it is not true for every woman. Believe it or not, some men fall into this category of wanting to have a perfect wedding that meets 100% of his specifications. Whether someone becomes a bridezilla or just a happy bride or groom, there is something that many people fail to think about. What if the marriage fails?

How Did The Dream Fell Apart?

There are many reasons a marriage can start to turn sour. The range of reasons could be relatively small and temporary to something that is soul-crushing and permanent. It could start with a small upset of emotions. One partner is working longer hours than the other one is and is not home as often as the one or both parties would like. On the other hand, it could be that both parties are working different shifts with different days off leaving little time for quality time together. This could be due to financial problems and the stresses that come with it. This can last for a short while or it may not. Another reason and a major killer of many relationships are one or both parties’ cheating. This mistrust and hurt can be either healed with time or this will be forever stuck in the back of the mind of the person who was cheated on. Everyone who has been, is presently, or will be getting married soon has at least one bad relationship story that they remember well. What many turn a blind eye to their actions that added fuel to that bad relationship fire. While others simply just fall in love because they are addicted to love and do not bother to take the time to get to know the person they are married.

The divorce rate within the United States has fallen in the past few years. It is still high at the rate of 40%-50%. Depending on if there is a prenup or not and how both parties behave, a divorce can be extremely stressful or go as smoothly as humanly possible. The laws of the state that one lives in will also guide how the divorce proceeding go. Understanding these laws like understood by some Divorce Lawyers for Divorce Modifications in Huntsville AL, for example, are key to having peace of mind. Getting a good lawyer that matches the qualifications that one needs is important. Child custody and fair division of property are just some of the major concerns of many couples.

No matter how long one has been married, ending a marriage is a heartbreaking event in one’s life. Not only does it change one’s financial situation, but it also changes one’s mental state. More importantly, it ends a chapter that was expected to last forever. 

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