Why People Are Starting to Take Facebook Breaks

Facebook is an incredible platform for sharing social media, but for some people, it is too invasive. As a result of Facebook’s personal advertising, there are many people that have been taking a break from the public eye that Facebook puts them in.

Since the launch of Facebook, most of us have been impressed with how it gives us the freedom to express ourselves to our friends. Although there are those times that some people have used Facebook at the wrong moment and made fools out themselves. An example of this is when people are drunk and decide to post moments of stupidity. By the time they have woken up and realized what they have done, most of their friends have already seen it.

There are also those moments of anger. People will type how they are feeling in moments of anger and as a result, they tend to ‘lose face’ with their friends by showing their emotions, which can sometimes be erratic and lead us to want to Come eliminare account facebook.

Lest we forget the invasion of privacy sometimes. When we are trying to go unnoticed somewhere, but other people think it is their right to know where you are. Facebook often tags people in photos and places it on their wall or in their photo collection without them even knowing. The app can also tag people’s location too. This alone has seen people get into trouble with work or their peers.

How Have These Incidents Led To People To Boycott Facebook?

It is the general lack of control for some people in which they do not trust themselves not to use Facebook when they are angry or intoxicated. On top of this, the invasion of privacy. Not everyone wants other people to know where they are all the time.

In Italy, some students started a campaign to literally eliminare account facebook! They wanted people to eliminate their Facebook accounts because of political instability. Facebook was actually being used as a tool to promote anti-semitism. Facebook was not doing anything to curb the racist views of political figures as well as those that followed these people.

Italy is not an uncommon story on a global stage either. There are plenty of countries in which Facebook has allowed or not taken action to prevent people from posting racist views.

In the USA, Donald Trump has been accused of racism and more recently supporting police brutality. Let’s be honest, Trump does not have the best reputation for politically correct speeches, and those speeches will always find their way to Facebook. Some of the comments support him and many of them condemn him. However, they make it to Facebook, which to all purposes and intent promotes his views to people that believe what he says is OK.

It is for this reason people have decided not to support Facebook. It is not only Facebook that these people will boycott, but social media in general because they are all offering a gateway to the human population to see such comments.

On the other hand, let’s look at the positive social media has given us. It has given people in places where freedom of speech has been suppressed. For example, when the Iranian government decided to massacre hundreds of people believing that because social media was banned in the country none of the troops sent by the government would be caught in the act. Well, they thought wrong and within hours of the atrocity being committed the whole world knew about it.

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