10 Jobs that Dogs Do Exceptionally Well

We’re all aware of how amazing dogs are as companions, but sometimes we forget how incredibly gifted these animals are. For thousands of years, they have been working alongside us and keeping us company showing their loyalty and devotion to their masters. Their companionship alone already makes them very valuable to us. On top of that, they seem to have filled in specific jobs no other living creature can do, even humans. 

They are quite known for their sense of smell that’s so sharp they can smell fear, anxiety, and even sadness. They might not even need puppy training for that. It’s innate to them. This higher level of sensitivity makes them the only ones qualified to take on the following jobs. 

  1. Guide Dog

Guide dogs are dogs that assist their handlers, usually those who are visually impaired and help them get around safely. The first school for guide dogs was established after the first world war in Germany to assist soldiers who were blinded or injured. 

  1. Military Service Dog

During ancient times, dogs were already being used for combative purposes. Today, they are employed by the military because of their uncanny sense of smell, which gives them a 98% rate of successfully detecting bombs. They also help minimize PTSD in war veterans by giving them companionship after military service. 

  1. Therapy Dog

A therapy dog’s role is to provide comfort for people and help make them feel better. These dogs are often seen in retirement homes, hospitals, nursing homes, classrooms, disaster relief areas, and wherever their services are needed. Since they are there to provide comfort and solace, most therapy dogs are usually the gentler and calmer breeds. 

  1. Herding Dog

These types of dogs are the ones that help cattle farmers watch over their livestock and corral them back to the farm at the end of their grazing period. You can think of them as managers watching over a herd and taking good care of them. 

  1. Acting Dog

We’ve all seen movies and TV shows that featured well-trained animals, especially canines. These superstar dogs have undergone rigorous training to prepare them for show business, take direction, and melt our hearts. 

  1. Search-and-Rescue Dog

When you’ve got a fantastic sense of smell and an incredible sense of direction, you can take on the job of a search-and-rescue dog. In the meantime, while you’re working on your olfactory senses, leave the rescuing to them. These dogs bravely go into dangerous situations with seemingly no fear at all, armed only with the determination to save as many people as they can. 

  1. Detection Dog

Because of their extraordinary noses, certain dog breeds are employed by security and peacekeeping forces to help them detect bombs, drugs, food, people, and money. M

  1. Hunting Dog

Certain dog breeds, such as terriers, hounds, and beagles, make for excellent hunters and trackers. They serve as the eyes and ears for their human companions and are also often reliable retrievers. 

  1. Sled Dog

Imagine how tough a dog has to be able to pull and transport heavy things across some mushy and snowy terrain under some of the most extreme conditions known to man. Yup. Sled dogs can endure all of that and more, which makes them perfect for the job. They help communities in remote parts of the world to survive by delivering food and other necessities. 

  1. Best Friend

Finally, the most important job any dog can ever have is to be man’s number one companion. No other animal comes as close to our hearts as our fur babies. Whether it has to do with work or just hanging out, dogs love human companionship and want to always be by their masters’ side. No other friend will love you the way a dog does. 

Dogs are amazing creatures with very big hearts their bodies cannot contain. They are gifted and talented beyond measure. Loyal, loving, and completely devoted. All of these wonderful traits and more are what make them special and the only creatures fit for these types of jobs. 

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