5 Perfect Online Christmas Gifts For Your Friends and Loved Ones

Christmas is a time for joy and celebration as well as for giving. The joy of Christmas is not the presents that you receive but the gifts that you give. However, sometimes those that you want to buy a gift for are not always close by and sending gifts by airmail or on a ship may be more expensive than the gift you buy. The perfect solution to this conundrum is to purchase an online gift that shows you are thinking of them.

All you need to send a Christmas gift is an email. Most companies online will allow you to buy gift cards, and if you do not see a way to offer the gift as present, then you can usually contact the website’s customer support who will be able to help you out.

Here are our Christmas Gift Ideas:

Digital Apple Store Or Amazon Gift Voucher

Maybe this is a piece of useful information or maybe you already knew this, or it may seem a little obvious, but we have to mention it. The one reason we did want to mention it is that these stores are global, so if the person you want to purchase the digital gift card for is overseas, they will still be able to use it.

We didn’t mention any other specific stores here because most do not have the global presence that Amazon and Apple have. If the person you want to buy the gift for is local or in the same country, then great. By all means purchase a digital gift voucher that is relevant to your location.

If you want to read more about digital gift vouchers, then check out the Apple Store.

Software Subscriptions

A gift that I received from one of my family members was a little odd, but I have grown to absolutely love it. I travel a lot and I am also a movie-a-holic. I subscribe to Netflix, HBO, and I also have sports subscription. An issue I came across a lot was having to put up with the limited TV stations given to me by the accommodation I was set up in. This is because of the geo-restrictions on the packages that subscribe to.

A great gift I received was migliori VPN software package. This was a year’s subscription to a VPN software package that gave me access to servers all over the world. I can watch the US, UK, and even Asian versions of Netflix, log on to my HBO without being told it is not available from my location, and access all sports subscriptions I am subscribed to.

Other software you can buy includes anti-virus, cloud storage, local encryption storage and so on.

Movie, Books, and Music Subscriptions

If you have children, then no doubt a movie, book, or music subscription is an excellent software-based gift. From young children, because let’s face it they nearly all have a tablet these days, to teenagers, adults, and elderly will all appreciate a year’s free access to an entertainment style subscription. Netflix is the most obvious which you can purchase Netflix gift cards here if they are available in your country.

Other great places to buy entertainment subscriptions are Spotify, Soundcloud, Amazon (of course, and Blinklist. The latter, Blinklist, is an excellent place to read condensed versions of the most popular books and is ideal for students.

Gifts do not just have to be for Christmas, these websites obviously operate all year round and to be honest receiving a digital gift is a bit of a novelty. Plus, what better way than to remind that person you care? The person you purchased the subscription for will always remember you every time they log on because they know that this incredible convenient software subscription has made their life that little bit more interesting.


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